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Trailerable Camp Cruiser for Budget Home Construction

This contest is to be kept simple and undaunting.

Simple in that required drawings will be as basic as needed to define the boat.

Undaunting in that Professionals and Boat Design Students who have passed more than 40pct (2/5 yrs) of their Course are excluded.

As the prize is simply exposure, we expect little dispute & rules will be minimal.

There are great design ideas scribbled on scraps of paper all over the world.

Let’s all see them.

The brief is simple and clear, with some flexibility.

The boat

  1. is for cruising safely in coastal areas normally displaying settled conditions. This implies some attention to both shoal ability and seaworthiness.
  2. must use sail as its primary motive power.
  3. must be legally trailerable behind a family car. Design to your local laws or max beam 2.5m, up to you. Launch and retrieval should be easy for two people.
  4. must be capable of acting as a basic home to 2 adults for up to a week. Cabins, cuddies, boom tents, beaching and shore camping, or combinations of these are all acceptable.
  5. must be home buildable with normal DIY hand/ power tools …materials & construction methods are open.
  6. must cost under $US10k or equivalent, including trailer which, along with items providing motive power, may be second hand. All other material/fittings to be new.

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The organizer of the Competition is Duckworks Magazine.

All correspondence should be emailed to…


Or addressed to……

Design Competition

Duckworks Magazine
HC 63 Box 289
Harper, TX 78631, USA

The competition is open to anyone other than the following:

  • Chuck Leinweber & Jeff Gilbert.
  • Professional Boat Designers.
  • Career path Boat Design students who have completed 40% or more of their Course.

Entrants retain Copyright in their designs or drawings. However it is a condition of entry that the Organizer retains the right to display at public shows, publish in Duckworks (including its supplements and associated publications, whether printed or electronic), in full or part, any submitted material, written or electronic.

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Boat: Trailerable Camp Cruiser for Budget Home Construction

Closing Date: Xmas Day 2000

  • 1) Each entry must contain the following components:
    • A) Sheet or e-mail giving entrants name, contact details, two line autobiography & the following signed/dated statement:
      • "I enclose an entry for the Duckworks 2000 Amateur Sailcraft Design Competition.  I have read & understood the competition rules and agree to be bound by them."
    • B) Scale drawings as listed. These must be on A4 ( 8-1/2 X 11 ) for scanning purposes. The minimal drawings list will normally be 3 sheets as listed, but can be put on less if clarity is retained. In the sample entry given below the drawings are on one sheet. If the entrant wishes they may send larger prints/drawings in addition.  Electronic entries should be not over 800 pixels wide, if *.gif* or *.jpg* format.  Also, *.hul*, spreadsheet, and CAD files are acceptable, but screen shots would be preferred. 
      Minimum drawing list:
      1. Profile including sail plan
      2. General Arrangement plan
      3. Three cross sections. Half sections are OK where both hull & interior are symmetrical.
    • C) A separate concise text description of the entry explaining its virtues (and vices if you’d like to save the judges time!). This must commence with a listing of at least the following 10 major specifications: Length (Overall ,Waterline & Trailering), Beam, Draught, Interior Headroom, Displacement, Trailering Weight, Sail Area(s), Mast height AWL. Text may be accompanied by additional drawings, graphs or diagrams as desired.
  • 2) Drawings may be color or B & W. Dimensions may be metric or imperial, but must be consistent throughout entry. Text including Drawing Annotations may be handwritten. Illegible sections of text or annotations will be treated as blank.
  • 3) Every sheet submitted must be clearly marked with the contestant's name and a space of equal size to the name provided beneath the name for judges' annotations. Unnamed sheets will not be considered.
  • 4) Entries may be submitted by individuals or groups. Multiple entries may be submitted but each must be a full entry with header sheet as in 1/a) above. Each entry of multiples must be substantially different: iterations of a parent design must be submitted as a single entry.
  • 5) Existing designs may be submitted as long as they are solely the intellectual property of the entrant.  Designs that are considered close mimicry of an existing design by other than the entrant will be queried with the entrant.
  • 6) Duckworks will not be returning submissions.  Entrants should keep copies for their own files.
  • 7) The Organizers are happy to clarify conditions of entry but cannot discuss your design prior to the closing date of Xmas Day 2000. However an existing entry may be superseded by an update prior to the closing date.
  • 8) The Judges’ Decision is FINAL & no correspondence will be entered into.
  • 9 There is no entry fee.


Sample Minimum Entry as Described above in 1/:

Jeff Gilbert has provided this at…..


Note that the write up (Requirement c)) includes
more specifications than required & a) is omitted.

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Classic, Retro or Modern styling themes will be considered equally.  Judging will be based on a weighted mixture of the following criteria, which are not listed in any order.  Entrants would do well to be mindful of all.

  • Originality
  • Sailing performance of craft with respect to demands of intended use
  • General adherence to brief, especially costing.
  • Aesthetics.& coherence of style.
  • Seaworthiness ,comfort,safety.
  • Usability. Ease of towing, launching.
  • Cost of maintenance & ownership. Resale.
  • Ability to convey design clearly & concisely.
  • Feasiblility of build
  • Availability of advice/ materials necessary to build.

The Judges of the competition are:

Jeff Gilbert - Canberra, NSW, Australia

Chuck Merrell - Seattle, WA, USA

Jim Michalak - Lebanon, IL, USA

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