From Max Wawrzyniak

It is 8 weeks and 3 days since starting construction on the AF3 and there has been zero progress since 7 weeks and 2 days, due to cold temps.  It's supposed to be 10 degrees F tonight.  Not fit for man nor beast (nor epoxy, latex, or P. L. Premium)

Am attaching a photo taken at exactly 6 weeks from "first cut."  These Michalak boats go together fast if you aint too worried about a "yacht" finish.  Personally, I like the wood-grain texture of the BC pine plywood showing through the exterior house latex paint.  Someone went to great expense to mold that same pattern into the vinyl siding on my house!

By the way, you'll notice that dark-looking wood comprising the "lazarette" hatch coaming.  That aint no special tropical hardwood.  That's the 42-year-old pine boards that used to be the bedroom closet shelves, before my wife made me replace them with those fancy wire-grid shelves.  Then I suggested I do the hall closet with Melamine.  After seeing that, she wanted me to re-do the bedroom closets with Melamine!  I drew the line there, as I could not think of a way to incorporate the wire shelves into the boat!

Anyway, I plan to have the boat at the Midwest Messabout in June.  Will probably do "capsize tests" (possibly unintentional)



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