Wee Buick Update

first contribution

It doesn't look so "wee" in these pics. I'm starting to doubt that I'll be able to store this baby in my garage on it's trailer.

I'll be starting (continuing?) my Tread Lightly adventure in a couple weeks. I'm putting the final touches on my son's skiff and rereading John's book for the 53rd time this week. Last weekend I reorganized the garage and cleaned up a bit. I need to put some additional lighting in there so I'll be able to work during the winter evenings with the doors closed.

I'm just plugging away, trying to do as much as I can outdoors before the winter comes along. I'll try to post a photo with a good-looking male model for scale, but you do get a lot of volume for your money with this design. Not sure how many photos the jwbuilders can take, I really ought to have a web site for mine.

Neil McVicar