(Reports from 2003)

Hi Chuck

Things are moving along. We now have a website, at https://www3.telus.net/wavefront/sucia/index.html

I thought you might let your readers know about the website. There are some changes to be made, so if it doesn't work first time, wait a while and try again. We're going to be adding to it in the months between now and July, so check back occasionally if you're interested. I'm hoping for lots of additions in the "Who's coming?" section, as we get more pictures to post. I have more names than pictures right now.

Hope you had a great holiday. We were out for a short sail on New Year's, got cold and wet, good thing we had some hot rum along!

Jamie Orr

Several readers wished us happy new year:

This one is from Bery Vercauteren of Belgum

This one simply said:
Happy Holidays , from Mike Goodwin and the building crew from the "Schooner Virginia"

Does look like a little like Bruce Hector's TIMS? Well, it is an entry to last year's Concept Boat competition. It's described as: "A plastic module based craft, for simple self-assembly. Intended for team building, club and olympic racing." It was submitted by George Stewart of Scotland. Eat your heart out, Bruce.

This notice came from Gavin Atkin at Free Boat Design Resources

It's all at https://home.clara.net/gmatkin/design.htm -

- $300 cruising boat part 1 $300 cruising boat part 2 - An extremely basic little cruising boat that cost just $300 in 1976. Some good ideas here.

- Take-apart skiff - Handy little two-piece outboard skiff.

- How your wake works - Ever wondered why your boat's wake looks the way it does? Here are
the answers.

- Hulls to AutoCAD - Here's how to successfully transfer 3D files from the Carlson Chine Hull Developer into AutoCAD.

- Stability essay - Our friend Hannu again, this time on the subject of stability.

- The remarkable inventions of William Watt - Inventive individualist William Watt has some very interesting pages that small boat design enthusiasts should see.

- Which glue do you trust? - Here's something to make you think hard about which glues you use...

- What makes a yacht beautiful - An authoritative essay on what makes a yacht good looking - and what does not.

- Free designs - If you don't mind dimensioning these drawings for yourself, they're free. I must say that the sailing boats drawn with their transoms in the water look very odd to me, but some of the others look pretty good.

- Free CAD - Alternative free CAD package (useful if you're thinking of working with the free but undimensioned designs above).

- Powerboat plans - Some free old fashioned powerboat plans here.

Have a great Christmas/winter/New Year/whatever break.

Gavin Atkin

Dave Wright sent this interesting link:


With the note: Not my kind of trip.

This comes from: John Cupp

I found this while surfing. Cool. - John

Pursuit Dynamics says its water "jet" engine, seen in this mockup, could easily replace outboard motors used on small boats.

click image for story

Mike Hanyi sent these interesting links:

www.dngoodchild.com - reprints of great old books and hundreds of plans, I am making a story for watercraft about them, I visited them over the holidays-worth a link

www.tsca.net - deserves a link also

www.canotage-de-france.com - is a friend of mine and great family boats,plans are available for ply versions of le seil!

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