The Twin Rivers Chapter of the Antique Outboard Motor Club, Inc., will hold it's annual "Illinois River Swap and Wet meet" on Saturday, August 28th at Mark Redman's cabin on the banks of the Illinois River at the Glades/12-mile Island access area just up-river from Grafton, Illinois, USA (about 35 miles Northwest of St. Louis, Missouri.)

There is a free public boat launch ramp about 1/4 mile from the cabin, and although dock space is limited, we always make room for another boat.

Usually there is plenty of stuff for sale, and plenty of stuff to look at, and in years past, a home-built 36-ft steamboat has put in an appearance (no guarantees on the steam boat.)

A lot of people show up on Friday, and a few stay until Sunday; primitive camping is allowed on the cabin property, and SMALL amounts of AC electric are available (enough for a coffee pot; NOT enough for an A/C; bring a long cord). The cabin has one bathroom available, and lunch will be served on Saturday.

The nearest accomodations are at the near-by state park lodge (6 miles from meet site),

There is also camping at the state park;

Other accomodations can be found in Grafton, about 12 miles from the meet site;

(To really thank the woman in your life for going with you to this thing, take her here:

About 25 miles from the meet site is Alton, Illinois, with a much larger selection of accomodations.

All are welcome; no admission charge, although there is a donation jar to help pay for the Saturday lunch.

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