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What to do with all those disposable paint Brushes
by Dirtsailor

Ahoy from Dirtland,

Since I have thoroughly corrupted the Western Messabouters, I felt it my duty to expand my Horizons and thoroughly pollute the waters world wide.

So with that said I was really impressed with the homemade sail gaskets that Rob Rohde-Szudy came up with. They couldn't have come at a better time as I just acquired a new to me 15' Yankee Tender (see photo above) built by a fellow Messabouter, Dick Mitsch. "Orca", had once been a sailor, and I just finished converting her back. My relaunching went well, except I had to cuss at the darn bungee cords used to gather the sail up!

After seeing Rob's article I decided to make some sail gaskets. When I went out into my shop I realized that the handles of the throw away brushes had a very similar profile, so I went to the band saw and wha lah, 30 second sail gasket. So there you have it, cheap, fast, and reliable.