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By John Welsford - Hamilton - New Zealand


Camp Cruising in a Seagull

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It seems not so very long ago that I had an enquiry from Dr David Broad who wanted a rowing boat suitable for camp cruising in that marvellous maze of channels and bays, forested hills and tiny sheltered beaches that comprises New Zealands Marlborough Sounds. As with many customers the correspondence continued until the choice was made and the plans sent off, then it went quiet.

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Perfectly in time, or did that only last until the camera was out of sight? Never mind, you’d have to agree that Lyn and David look really good heading out on their cruise.

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With most plans sales that’s where it stays, but this time I got an email then another, each with photos attached. Wonderful photos, really wonderful photos! Sigh! Heres me sitting in my office and the only water in sight is the rain.

Heading out, this is an incredibly beautiful place and rowing it rather than living with a big diesel improves the appreciation. If I were standing on the dock watching these two disappear up the sound I’d be hooking my trailer up and heading to town to buy some plywood and glue.

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Here are the three pics, Lyn and David Broad in their Seagull rowing boat, the motor there as insurance and all their gear all securely stowed away, off on a four day cruise in Pelorus Sound at top of the South Island. They were heading for Northwest Bay which you can pick up on Google Earth at 41deg05, 23.99” S 173Deg 52. 32.96”E
Some 16 miles from their departure and report that all went well, and that the trip was a real success.

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There! A shot from above showing the real meaning of “High” tide and the interior of the boat. Lovely place, nice boat David. Well done.

Don’t you wish you were there!

John Welsford

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