Adventures of Blue Canoe
By Dirtsailor - Bend, Oregon - USA

Howdy From Dirtland,

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Blue Canoe on the beach at Suttle Lake

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Having completed a successful solo paddle in Blue Canoe at Lake Billy Chinook, I felt confident enough to load up my four year old son, and go paddle around Suttle Lake.

Suttle Lake is at the base of the Cascades, 14 miles west of Sisters Oregon.

The Lake has three campgrounds, for a total of about a hundred sites. The East end of the lake has the main day use area, newly built lodge, with cabins, restaurant and marina.

The new Lodge. The Previous three have all burnt to the Ground

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In 2003 the “B&B Complex” Fire threatened to burn up everything at Suttle Lake. Fortunately the road running the length of the south shore served as a fire break. The hard working Wild Land Firefighters were able to make a stand and hold off the fire. Scout Lake, which is southwest, did not fair as well.

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Fire Ravaged Timber South of Suttle Lake

Suttle Lake is the big lake in the picture below. Scout Lake is the smallest lake. The lake to the Southwest of Scout Lake is Dark Lake. The Lake furthest to the west is Blue Lake.

We rolled into the Day use area bright and early. It looked like it was going to be an excellent day for paddling around the lake.
I should have known better!

Map of Suttle Lake, and the surrounding Area. Top of Map is north.

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I unloaded Blue Canoe, put my son into his “Sponge Bob” lifejacket, and me into my paddling jacket, and away we went. I spent the next hour trying to keep ourselves floating upright! I learned several things;

  • 1. Four year olds in tippy canoes are not good
  • 2. Really not a good idea to allow Four year old son to bring 4 foot stick found on beach.
  • 3. A bigger boat is definitely needed before my next boating adventure.

Fair Winds to all

Ahoy from Dirtland,

I thought it would be good to give a formal introduction, as I plan to contribute more articles to this site in the future. I am sure that this will disrupt the whole nature of the universe as we know it but what the heck.

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“Why Dirtsailor?” That is always the first thing everyone asks when they meet me in person. The second question is, “Where in the world is Dirtland?”

I was blessed to grow up in Sunny Central Oregon. Bend boasts 350 days of sunshine a year. East of Bend we have dessert and lakes. West of Bend we have trees, and lakes. Since I have always lived on the East side, Dirt fits.

I started working for my uncle on his charter fishing boat in Depoe Bay at age eight.

I spent all my summers there until I was done with college.

So there you have it Dirtsailor.

Dirtland extends from Central Oregon, North, East, West, and South. Into Washington, Canada, Idaho, and as far South as Lake Shasta. There have been a few stops in Utah, and the Eastern Seaboard from Rockport Mass to Fort Lauderdale.

This summer has been all about hitting the places closest to home, so I will be delivering some articles soon.


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