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Location of SV Sea Biscuit - Kristofer J. "Harley" Harlson, Capt

Here is the latest news on Harley:

I talked to Harley on the phone this evening (Friday, the 25th of August) and he was in good spirits. I was able to tell him that through the generosity of family and friends, we had deposited almost a thousand dollars into his account. He seemed genuinely humbled and thankful.

Harley told me that he had been in touch with his former employer and was able to get his job back. In addition, he fully intends to maintain his dream and will make another attempt next year.


From: Ken & Dot Gibson []
Sent: Thursday, August 24, 2006 7:08 PM
To: Chuck Leinweber
Subject: Re: Any more news on Seabiscuit?

Thanks for the new site .. Its interesting to see what people think ( concern's )

Harley is back at the float & has decided "To pack it in " & "go back home " .. IF he can get his help to come back & get him ... He appears to be short of money ( he said that ).. He ask me if the berth (dock fee's) run's out if he could put the 'Seabiscuit " on beach in front of my property until help arrives .. Getting around the world is tough enough but without any money would be twice as bad in my opinion ...

He said he's going get the "Lead" on the bottom of the keel, Its simply too "tippy" & the "window of the season" is getting late .. I told him he had you guys cheering for him (showed him your letter from last nite) I suggested he could do these test's in a lake down there ,, I wonder if sleeping in that craft may have got to him a bit also ,,


In view of the above revelation, Duckworks has decided to open a Sea Biscuit Around the World support fund. We have opened it with $100. Please send what you can afford to help Harley keep his dream alive. You may contribute with a credit card, PayPal or a personal check. I don't think Harley has any intention of quitting, however he did not plan to have to postpone his trip nor did he plan to have to do additional work on his boat. Let's show Harley that we are glad he decided discretion was the better part of valor and send him a few bucks to get back on. He put everything into this. Don't make him beg for a ride home.

Chuck Leinweber
Editor, Duckworks

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On Aug 18, Harley posted the following:

I'll be on my way. See Ya all in about 14 months. -Harley

On Aug 21 I got this email:

From: Ken & Dot Gibson
Sent: Monday, August 21, 2006 12:09 AM
To: Chuck Leinweber
Subject: World travel?

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This "Craft " with " " see under "Sea Biscuit " arrived to-day from the USA .. Can you tell us anything about this vessel ? It looks very (unseaworthy) perhaps you know something us "local's" don't ..Do you endorse its trip around the world?


Ken and Dot Gibson,
Tofino, B.C.

I told Mr. Gibson about Harley's voyage and sent him links to the various Duckworks articles. I also asked for more information and he sent the following:

From: Ken & Dot Gibson
Sent: Monday, August 21, 2006 10:45 PM
To: Chuck Leinweber
Subject: World Traveler?

The first photo's shows the "launching" yesterday .. Sure not good for that nice truck to back it into salt water.. Those two fellow's left soon after ,,,

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This AM it was really foggy ---so I waited until 11am before venturing down the street to the boat harbour (old timer's hang-out) The wharfinger said "Your friend is already in trouble" The Captain has all his stuff from the stern out on the 'float ' (see Photo) It appears some of the bolts used on the "rudder" are leaking .. (seem's a bad time to find out when one is packed to go...) He won't have a place to dry stuff on the Pacific ,,,,,,,

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I checked several times in after-noon & this evening & found he was still convincing anyone who would listen that he "has all base's covered".. I offered him the beach as my family own the shore property, But he replied "a little 'goo'" would do. I looked at his mast arrangement & I don't think the hull will even take that --without rolling over..

Enjoy Ken

Stay tuned to Duckworks for the latest news about Harley....

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This is a sample of what Harley's maps will look like. The real position maps will begin shortly after the voyage commences.

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Harley has purchased a DMR200 D+ unit from Pole Star to track his journey. Once Harley embarks on his Circumnavigation of the Earth, we will be receiving daily maps of his track like the one above. Those updates will be shown on this page, so bookmark it for future reference.

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