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By John Welsford - Hamilton, New Zealand

At just under 15 ft long Navigator is my most popular design by far. It seems that there is enough boat for the adventurous (see the stories in Dave Perillos site at roomy enough for a family and not too much boat for the beginner builder.

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Owen Sinclairs “Tusk” out off Nelson at the top of New Zealands South Island.

John Hitchcock Photo

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I get photos from all over the world of Navigators out sailing. The owners tell me of wonderful adventures, blue waters and interesting places. Those pics usually turn up on days when I am behind with my work, am feeling grumpy about sitting inside and grinding away at some boring job and make me very envious of their owners. Sigh!
So for all of you who are reading Duckworks Magazine and dreaming, here’s a little something to fuel those dreams.

Flemming Sorensons “Bering” sailing in the Raid Finland. I've read about this event and wish that it was not 13,000 miles away. Even so, I live in hope that I might make it one day.

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The two boats, both of the same design, could not be further apart geographically but the crew are enjoying the same kind of fun.

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