July - 2007

Roonio Update
Paul Moffitt build Jeff Gilbert's "Roonio" design with an eye toward some camp cruising and even a try at the Everglades Challenge. This is the latest update.

Harmonica Part 6
This month Bill Nolen gets his Shanty almost ready for launching. He focuses on drain plugs, flotation blocks, painting, a trailer and finally the official inspection.

Sid Skiff Display Boat
Believe it or not the boat you see on the left is a model! Gary Larkins built it and in this story he talks about the design and about the materials he used.

Resurrecting a Glassic
Some would say that refurbishing a 1950's vintage fiberglass runabout is more work than building a boar from scratch. Here is Bill Roberts' story:

Summer Breeze
This boat won our second design contest and quite a few have been built. Euclide does a great job of showing us his project in pictures and words.

My Robbe Atlantis
Englishman Mick Brown has done an incredible job of building this model stays'l ketch. He has sent us a bunch of photos and a video as a bonus.

How To

Easy To Build Underwater Boards
There have been several articles lately on shaping underwater foils, but Pat Patteson - ever the practical builder - has his own ideas and shares them here.

Making a Better Butt Joint
The problem with butt joints in plywood is they tend to fail at the interface between plys. John Clayton recognized this and devised this neat solution.

The Effects of Ultra Violet Light and Moisture on the Strength of Sail Materials
This is kind of dry for Duckworks but Kyle McMillan presents much good information about sail material.

An Easier Weighted Rudder
Whether you want to avoid casting lead into your rudder because of the bother or the danger, Bill Paxton offers an easy alternative that seems to work.


Overnight - River Boat Style
Did you ever dream of piloting your own paddlewheeler on a river cruise? That is exactly what Curtis Pack, his father and son did recently. Here is their story.


It Was Worth the Wait
John Welsford has seen a lot of his designs built over the years, but it is unlikely he has had to wait quite this long to see one completed as this Golden Bay

Chiefs adventure, The Flood of 07
As Chief Redelk ably demonstrates in this gripping tale, it is more than possible to have big adventures with small boats without leaving your own back yard.

Building Your Own Boat
Ross Lillistone should know about building boats - he is a professional boat builder and designer - but in this essay he invokes Arthur Ransom and John Atkins.

Of sea dragons, spook sailed scows, phantom windlers and a South Seas schooner!
Here is another wonderfully entertaining Mark Steele colunm with news from the world of model boat

Wheel Steering – Part 1
This month Rob Rohde-Szudy examines just about every possible way to move the rudder on a boat and discusses the pros and cons of each one.


C3200 Catamaran
Yesterday's story was about a charter boat that never got built. Today we hear from Achim Adlfinger about a catamaran for charter that did get built.

Fourteen Minutes of Fame
There are lots of business schemes that revolve around boat building. Here is a story from Harold Duffield about a business that almost came to be.

Bighorn Solo Canoe
Designers often try to improve on each other's work and we builders benefit from the efforts of designers like Chris Ostlind who offers a solo canoe that sails.

Here is a complete set of boat plans that you can download for free! Thank you Steven Lewis for offering your work and sweat to all of us Duckworkers

One-Sheet Baby Canoe Part 1
This is the first installment of a canoe design and build series from Gaetan Jette - who contributed the excellent article on Birdmouth Masts a while back.

Back Bay Solo Sit-on-Top Kayak
SOT Kayak plans for home builders are not common but Chris Ostlind has designed one which even offers versions with single or double akas for sailing.


Book Review - SIMPLE COURAGE: A True Story of Peril on the Sea - by Frank Delaney
It's obvious that Don Freix enjoyed this book and he makes a convincing argument that you will too.