Mo the Dogadore  
By Mark Steele - Auckland, New Zealand

Mo she is the Dogadore
though Mo is slowing down,
Ever since she broke her leg
She seems to wear a frown
`fore that Mo was on the go
up and down the pond
behind Bobbo (whom she owned)
Even when he sailed beyond
one side of the pond of dreams
where model yachtsmen sail
poke Borax as they talk and walk,
and speak of women, boats and ale,
and Mo who knew the sailing rules
barked STARBOARD when she chose
got miffed and sniffed and growled a mite
barked infringements while on the go(es),
and when she wore her badge of office
that jaunty naval cap
sailors knew to quietly listen
for Mo would take no crap.
Mo the mighty Dogadore
the Ancient Mariners pooch,
tis rumoured that Bob feeds her
on a nightly tot of hooch.

Mark Steele

Mo the Dogadore