January Reports  
By Duckworks Readers - all over the place

MERRY XMAS to all!

Sailing tip: If you can see pigs the water is very shallow. Proceed with caution.

Michael Storer Boat Design
Wooden Boat Plans

P52 Progress

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Its been a month since I started on the boat and its not done yet - But progress continues. Hull weighed about 110# with berth flats in place and bottom glassed/graphited, final boat probably going to be 300-350# range. There's a surprising amount of room 'below', thought it would feel really tight and be hard to finish but sat in place and think it will work OK. Lots yet to do probably won't get into water til end of January, brr. Plenty of time before the Everglades Challenge.

Skip Johnson

Now For Something Completely Different

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Here is something a bit different. It is my sternwheeler which is a modified commercial hull with a lot of homebuilding built right in. If you are interested or think your readers might be interested in something a little different I will write up and photograph our overnight cruise which is due in Feb,2007. This consist of my son, me and a 26 mile roundtrip ( at 4mph), overnight stay on the water, and resturant visit in the depths of winter.
Great fun!

Float safe,
Curtis Pack

When Balsa Goes BAD

Here are a few pics of what I'm doing now. The stuff works great until it gets wet, then it's horrible. I've never dealt with a tougher core material. I'll be going along with a putty knife, just scraping the bad stuff out and then will hit some viable core and it takes a chisel and hammer. The previous owner had never heard the word caulk. You probably noticed the only bad spots are where the net was tied on, with screw attachments or where the Beckson inspection ports are located.

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I'm working on my 31' daily---going well to this point--been digging, grinding and sanding, fitting foam core, epoxying in place then glassing the whole mess until smooth. I'm sure you know the process. It's time consuming, but easy work.

Lee Martin

Pathfinder Fall Sail

We are having a mild Fall back here on the mid-Atlantic. Got in a nice sail on Thanksgiving weekend, a friend on the shore was nice enough to take a photo. Hope to get in a couple more sails in Dec.

Steve Earley


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This boat has been designed for the 2006 Woodenboat design contest, so far they are still evaluating the entries.

Flavio Faloci

Chunk Box

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I call it a Chunk Box - after the fine meals it is sure to produce - but really it is a Chuck Box. I think they carried something like this on the wagons a while back. Still need the untensil drawer and a pull out drawer in the middle for canned stuff. This was an experiment - pretty sure I can make one that is 15 lbs lighter by eliminating internal bracing and using hardwood legs instead of 2x4s. This one is a bit bulky for carrying on a boat - but it will work fine in the back of a pickup and sure will take all the disorganization out of a camp kitchen!

Larry Pullon

Barrett & Yuko

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Just saw the article about Yuko and thought you might make use of these pics, or at least like to see them. I took them at the Port Townsend Wooden Boat Festival. It really is a beautifully built boat.

Gary Lepak

My Latest Boat Project

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Not quite done yet, but getting close. This will be a present for my grandson. A couple of pictures are attached.
Merry Christmas, y'all!
Al Meyer

The Happy Adventure

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The pictures are of (a) The happy Adventure tied up at Carleton University In beautiful downtown Ottawa this summer and (b) the home made bug screenand roof for the forward deck -- we love it, the bugs don't.

regards Paul McLellan

San Diego Mess

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It's a modern art museum in La Jolla..... so....... I'm not qualified to comment .... Bruce Armstrong

Clearly a Bolger Influence

I always liked the idea of a water going van like the one Phil Bolger designed (picture above). But I like this Russian idea, pictured below, even better..... no trailer required and it even has a cabin top that is open down the centre... clearly a Bolger influence.:^) Jack Panter

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St Pierre Dory

I am building a 26' St. Pierre Dory using the Glen-L design that will be electric powered. This is the second one I am building. I built a 24' version 10 years ago (see photo) and then decided to upgrade!

Tom Hruby

The Brig Niagra

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I work as a volunteer on the Brig Niagara. It is a square rig Brig with a 123 foot hull and 32 foot beam. Here is a shot taken during a day sail, with 40 "sailors", 16 of whom are paid professionals. Any healthy student can spend 3 weeks training on her during summer. Good meals, NO hot water, no privacy!

You can learn more about the Battle of Lake Erie on the web...


John Baker