By John Welsford - Hamilton, New Zealand


Resolution Hitches a Ride

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Charlie Whipple has been building a Sundowner in my shop for over two years. The story has been documented on my website. Today a big truck and crane came to take Resolution away.


The crane,  just as well we have not got our garden organised yet.

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The truck, a monster custom built boatmoving semitrailer on the back of a giant Skania Tractor unit.
it did not take long to get organised, the strops under her and daylight under Resolution.  This is a lot easier than rollers and a comealong.
This is like flying, she seemed comfortable as she was swung across to the trailer.
Almost there, some boats seem to have a personality and this was very evident during this move. She lined herself up perfectly as she came across to the boatmover bed.
Lining up the keel with the blocking,  lower away sir!
In place, props being placed and the load being checked out before the crane lets go.
Ready for the off.  Eager to go,  in an hour she will have her first sight of her natural element as the truck hauls her over the top of the hills above the harbour.
Off,  Bye.  There is a lot of excitement,  but some sadness as well.

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