By John Welsford - Hamilton, New Zealand


Resolution's Launching Day

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At last!  2 ½ years, a very steep learning curve or the builder, the gradual emergence of a curvy little hull from a pile of lumber on a workshop floor and for me the designer the confirmation that my mental picture has translated into what I had envisaged all that time ago.

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Charles Whipples little ship, now officially named “Resolution”  is at home in her element, afloat at last.   She was launched at Tauranga’s  Bridge marina on Wednesday 23rd April, some friends and interested supporters there to watch her take the water on a windy autumn day. All went well, she floats just right when the equipment and stores still to be loaded are accounted for, and she is as dry as a bone inside.

She will be rigged over the next week or so, and we expect to be out sailing very soon.

Congratulations to Charlie on the build, its wonderful to see the resulting boat in the water and looking so good. 

For a more complete report,  follow this link (to the Sundowner Diaries #39 on the jwbuilders site)

John Welsford


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