Building a "One Sheet Skiff"
Like a lot of fathers of boy scouts, Jerry Cashman was looking for a good project for the two of them. The other adults weren't impressed but he chose an OSS.

Introducing Toter
Ken Simpson has designed a very clever little dinghy. This 8 foot oar, paddle or electric powered boat comes apart and nests to fit in a small car's trunk.

Adventures with Outriggers - Part 3
Starting out with Gary Dierking's Ulua outrigger canoe, Dan St. Gean embarked on a journey of discovery. Here is part three of his quest for the perfect boat.

Dan's Third Boat
Living at the very southern end of what is already a remote country - New Zealand - has not kept Dan Brooks from building several boats and using them.


Parrel Bead Turning
At the start of his Sharpie's construction, Dale Austin decided to make as many of the components as possible. He had a lathe so why not try parrel beads?

Fitting Out a Grumman Fiberglass Canoe
The little-known Grumman fiberglass canoes were lovely but expensive. Alan Glos finally got a chance to own one but he had to do a little work on it first.

Old Horse, New Tricks
When Bob Booth was given an old Cape Dory 10, he undertook a complete rebuild. But when he wanted to take the little boat cruising, more work was needed.


A Winter in Florida
It seems to me that a Bolger Bantam is just about the perfect boat to spend the winter in Florida in - Bob Slimak did too and he sent us this story of his trip.


Maryland's First PDRegatta
When John Herr finished his PDRacers, he checked the website and was surprized to find that Eugene Tehansky (pictured at left) had also built one.


A Shake-down Cruise
Frank Bates and his wife Barb took their Pathfinder on a spring cruise in New Zealand and in spite of waves, high winds, rain they ended up on speaking terms.

Traditional Sailing Rigs and Performance
I am essentially sitting in the choir whenever someone like Michael Storer expounds on the virtues of traditional type sails, but I still like to listen.

Boomed vs. Boomless
Ross Lillistone read Michael Storer's article about traditional rigs this month and thought he would use his position as columnist to add some of his thoughts.

Where The Wind Blows
This month, Mark Steele, feeling the Christmas spirit, honors sailors who have passed on, then he goes on to describe a series of model sailboats large and small.

Bilge Keels
On a recent trip to Great Britain recently, David Nichols had his interst in Bilge Keels rekindled and wrote up this essay with pictures he took while there.

Wisconsin's Kickapoo River
Being from Texas, I think of Wisconsin as the "frozen north", but after reading Rob Rohde-Szudy's story, I am pretty sure it is a little piece of heaven.


Launch Day for the 10ft Nuthatch
Warren Messer has been on a roll lately, launching boat after boat and all his own designs - and he offers the most detailed, colorful plans at a modest cost.

Bufflehead a 21st Century, Solo Cruising Sailing Canoe
Canoe sailing 'caught' Hugh Horton back in the 1980's and and has had him ever since. In this article he gives a brief history of his involvement in the sport.

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