Design by Joe Dobler

In May we began reintroducing Joe Dobler's designs. Joe is gone, now, but he pioneered modern stitch and glue construction methods which means his "old" designs are actually up to date.

Previously, we introduced two rowing boats (left) and two sailing boats (right) and now we offer Sou'wester, a Swampscott dory style boat for oar, motor or sail.

design #182

Sou'wester - a Swampscott Dory

Draft, keel up=0'6"
Draft, keel dn=2'4"
Sail Area=60 sf.

Plywood Taped Seam Construction

The Sou’Wester Dory a traditional type for the modern homebuilder.

This is a type small boat, which was developed by New England fisherman for use off the beach.   It is primarily rowing boat and performs beautifully under oars.

It will sail well with modest sail area.   The plans show an old fashioned rig, which is simple and reliable.

Provision may be made to use a small outboard motor - 3 or 4 horsepower is about the maximum, more would be overpowered. This is no speedboat.

Construction is brought up to date, waterproof plywood with taped seams, the outer plywood with fiberglass or synthetic cloth and resin. The resulting structure is effectively one piece, strong and permantly watertight.

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Included in Sou'wester plans are the following:


GS-101             Lofting
GS-102              Plywood Info.
GS-103             Plywood Scarfing (2 pages)
GS-104             CB Trunk Plug
P-7                   CB Trunk Construction (2 pages)
GS-182-T1         Taped Seam Construction
GS-182-T2         Plywood dory Assembly


182-1 – Sou’Wester - Rowing and Sailing Dory
182-2 - Lines
182-2-1 – Lines – 4’ 8” Beam Alternative
182-3 – Construction
182-4 – Spars, CB & Rudder
182-5 – Setup Diagram
182-6 – Alternate Pivoting CB & Trunk
182-10  Sail Plan
182-11 – Rigging


The following Joe Dobler designs are currently available:

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