By David Lucas - Sarasota, Florida - USA
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I won't have to say much on this one, the pictures speak for themselves. I tried to count the boats there but it was hard. The general consensus is between 75 and 100. I think this was the most ever. I'm sure there will be lots more pictures on the West Coast Trailer Sailors site soon.

The cookout was great, quick brats instead of slow fish in a restaurant.

The Gougeon boys of West epoxy were there as usual with some more exotic sailing canoes. The only class of boats noticeably absent were the factory built 13 ft melonseeds, I guess they're really just pond sailors. There was one 13 here, a beautiful hand built boat by Nick Jaeger all the way from Paducah, Kt.

Helen and I were lucky enough to get into the Faraway Inn this year. It's pet friendly and always booked up for this weekend.The only way to reserve a room is to book it now a year in advance as you're checking out which I did.

Faraway Inn

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The view from our room

Boats all over the place


Boats in the sun

Funny little boats

More boats

Yet more boats

Even more boats

My Favorite

Core Sound 17

CS 17 another view


Bill Fife and Moonshadow of EC fame


Howard, Jim, Sam and Dave

Piper, Dave and Helen

Laylah and Feely the Cat

Ron in front of a Sea Pearl with training wheels

Sea Pearls without training wheels

Little Boat

Really little boats

Heavy Duty

Only sails one way

Tide's out

Trailer Sailor Bar B Q

It got real crowded

Low maintenance

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