By Denis Menegaz - Spring, Texas - USA

Recently we were talking to Denis Menegaz about the Pathfinder he is building when he mentioned splicing eyes in some braided line he had bought from us. I asked him how he did it and he sent the following series of photos:

To begin you need some melted parafin, quench water, a fid and rope.

Step 1: Remove tape from end of line to free bitter end. Part sheath at "A" (see below) and extract core. Dip end of sheath in parafin.

Step 2: Attach fid to core with tape.

Step 3: Reinsert fid at "B" (see step 1) and gently work about 2" under sheath before emerging. Remove fid.

Step 4: Pull core end out about 1/4" and chop excess. Tug on eye to hide core end under sheath.

Step 5: Unravel sheith hanks. It helps to insert fit down hollow sheath while doing this. Unravel down to "A".

Step 6: Thread a hank in sewing needle eye and sew back into line - sewing with diagonal weave.

Step 7: Continue stitches down about 2" then trim and hide ends. Weave all hanks in, following the pattern of the rope. Take some hanks up and around the eye.

That's it! It's easy.

Denis Menegaz

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