Tug Launch at Koreshan State Park
Everyone loves those tiny Tugboats like the one Mike Gill has designed. The best part is that he is giving the plans away for free. We will present those tomorrow. But first the launch.


The Cruise of the "Beyond"
Axel Schmid is a smart guy. Rather than invest in a big, expensive yacht, he built himself a tiny, economical cruiser and proceeded to use it for adventure on Europe's Lake Constance.

T2's First Ocean Voyage
First voyages in any homebuilt boat are always tough. Problems with sails, anchoring, seasickness, and general boat handling come up. Caroline Gould talks about her first in T2.


Three Men in a Tub
Anyone who takes a small boat on big water will know that there is always the possibility of disaster. Pat Johnson took a 23 foot O'Day across the gulf and had this story to tell.


Bay Islands of Summer
Imagine you owned one of John Welsford's Pathfinders and were able to sail it for two weeks in New Zealands Bay of Islands. Frank Bates lived this dream and wrote us about it

The Great Neches River Downstream Expedition of ‘08
Anyone who follows the Duckworks Forum knows that Tyson McLeod (Tyson in Galveston) is a pretty good storyteller. Here is Tyson's East Texas piny woods epic adventure story.


Autumn Sunday on Lake Rotoma with Truantsea
During our recent trip to New Zealand, we did not get to meet Grahame Harris. That is a terrible shame because, as you will see from this story, this fellow knows how to enjoy life.

Muga and Tonka go Swimming!
Here is the sequel to Larry Pullon's article from Monday. It seems his unusual idea has a lot of merrit. As you can see from the picture at left these are very stable boats.


If you are thinking about a trip to Europe this summer, Derek Waters wants you to be aware that both the Brest and Douarnenez traditional boat festivals will be held in Brittany.


Coromandel New Year
The fact that I got to sail in Frank Bates' Pathfinder in these same waters last winter only makes me even more jealous of the cruises that Frank and Barb get to take aboard Varuna.

Crossing the Wisla Delta
As soon as Wojtek Baginski saw the Delta of the Wisla River from 8000 meters he knew he would returm - by boat this time. Here is the story of his long, strange trip.


Pretty as a Boutonne
Does it get any more exotic than paddling a kayak you built down a river in France when you suddenly find yourself in the moat of an 11th century castle? Read Brian Anderson's story.

Sailing the Pathfinder Spartina
Regular readers will remember Steve Earley's report on his North Carolina Circumnavigation with non-sailor friend Bruce Hollingsworth. Here is Bruce's side of the story.


Adventures of Blue Canoe
Better known as "Dirtsailor" by his fellow Coots, Case Turner is an enigmatic fellow. He sent us this intriguing piece that was meant to be the start of a series, but no more.

A Winter in Florida - Part 2
Not everyone is as lucky as Bob Slimak. He got to spend last winter in Florida with a Bolger Bantam and a canoe. This is the second and final part of this travelogue.


A Winter in Florida
It seems to me that a Bolger Bantam is just about the perfect boat to spend the winter in Florida in - Bob Slimak did too and he sent us this story of his trip.