Helping Build the Goat Island Skiff - Part 2
In this installment, our heroes, Gary Blankenship and Olivier Chamel, take Olivier's GIS from barely 3-D to rowing trials. Gary includes lots of details and photographs in his report.

Puddle Duck Racer, Hull 231
Ok, this is not the first PDR building report to grace these pages, but there is always something to learn and besides, Todd Wilkie does a really great job of telling his story.


Those of us who have been doing this for a while tend to forget the thrill of building the first boat. Joe Sass helped us out by sending in this clever report on his first boat buidling project.

Helping Build the Goat Island Skiff - Part 1
"Being addicted to boatbuilding can be a problem" is how Gary Blankenship begins this series. He goes on: "An ideal solution is to find a friend who wants a boat and then help... build it"


New Cowls for Independence
Sometimes an accident involving very cold water can lead to a happy ending for all concerned. Skylar Smith tells the story about our friend Mike Walker's Cascade 42, Independence.


Several years ago, Tom Beck entered a boat design contest. He didn't win but he couldn't get the design out of his head, so he finally decided to build the thing. Now he's glad he did.


Real Treasure
Ever wish you had a little glass bottomed boat to look for sunken treasure? Fred Night put his wish into action and built a simple dory with a window on the bottom. Here is his story.

Christer Byström has been designing small boats and writing about them in Duckworks for several years. His latest is a 17.5 foot lapstrake ketch. He is offering free plans for this one too.

Some Building Tips
At 29 feet, Bolger's Tennessee is a serous boat, but that did not keep Ed Einhorn from taking a light-hearted approach when he sat down to write this update to his project.


Building a "Swift Canoe" -or- The Tale of The Twisted Plywood
Every boat builder I know likes to encourage wannabees to take the plunge. Pat Johnson did just that, but what he did not know was that Jeremy Herrin would jump in over his head.

A Tale of Two Boats - Part 3
Stephen Collins finished his Microtrawler recently and in true homebuilder style. He christened her "Someday" with Creme Brule. That's fitting for a boat that took three years to build.

The “Rooster’s” Tale
I have met several re-enactors who have built traditional boats. Don Craig is one and here he tells the story of Rooster, a 35 foot 'bateau' built traditionally and used realistically.

Building Muga and Tonka
If you can believe an experienced boater like Larry Pullon would need a canoe with "training wheels" then you will believe this story about how he designed and built just such an animal.


Building a Lake Skiff - Part 3
Subtitled "Materials and Initial Construction" this episode sees Charlie deciding on good old Southern Yellow Pine for chines and gunwales. Then he gets down to making sawdust.


Building a Wooden Surfboard
In this article, Charles Loiselle explains that a surfboard is really just a small boat. The construction, the materials and the techniques will be familiar to most builders of wooden boats.

A Chugger and a Chigger
Who would ever guess that this little boat came about from a discussion of real minimalist cruisers conducted over a few homebrews. Still, Pat and Tim Johnson got an interesting boat.

Transparent Sailboat
I always wanted to build a boat by eye - without using rulers or tape measures. Peter Tapolyai has done just that with this sailing canoe and what an eye catching boat he has built.


The Sweet Itch
Fred Night is a smart guy. He figured out that he could get to build a lot of boats if he just named them after his grandkids. He might not have been so smart about the addiction thing.

Navigator Update
Our hat is off to Robie Powick. Despite a busy schedule, he has made steady progress on his Welsford Navigator. Even as he dreams of wonderful cruising grounds, he is collecting bits.

Kyle's Whitewater Dory
Like most of us, Martin Adams is something of a boat nut. As such when he saw an interesting looking dory parked in front of an Arizona house, he had to stop and knock on the door.

Outrigger Canoe
Starting with's free canoe plans, Peter Tapolyai ended up with a cool little sailing outrigger. But the route from point A to point B is not always a straight line.


The Rise of Phoenix - Part 1
We met Steve Bosquette and went for a ride in his Sneakeasy "Katie" several years ago. Since then, he sold her, bought her back and is rebuilding her into a whole new boat.


Building a "One Sheet Skiff"
Like a lot of fathers of boy scouts, Jerry Cashman was looking for a good project for the two of them. The other adults weren't impressed but he chose an OSS.

Adventures with Outriggers - Part 3
Starting out with Gary Dierking's Ulua outrigger canoe, Dan St. Gean embarked on a journey of discovery. Here is part three of his quest for the perfect boat.

Dan's Third Boat
Living at the very southern end of what is already a remote country - New Zealand - has not kept Dan Brooks from building several boats and using them.