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Ahoy Chuck,

here's one for you. Looks quite cool really


we entered both “the Chugger” & the “Chigger” along with a few other boats in the May-2006 Pirate’s Cove Wooden Boat Festival.

Pat Johnson

A fair amount of progress has been made on building Mikesboat. I WILL have it ready tor the event on June 9th.

Bill Moffitt

Warren Messer has several new videos on YouTube - one on installing breasthooks...

... one on installing a spaced rail (gunwale) system...

... and one on finishing rails. Check out his video page for all of them.


I thought your readers might be interested in a Bolger Teal a friend and I built and sailed. This first link is an introduction to the boat...


... and this link is of our maiden voyage. See you at the Texas 200!


Hi Chuck,

I just found out about this project to paddle and walk the coasts of the United States to raise awareness of the Waterkeeper Alliance through the Washington Water Trails Association....

... Here's another link. This is a film about Kayaking in the Pacific Northwest. It looks like a very cool film!

Scott Marckx

Hello, I've posted a few pics of the RB42 that I am building. It's a gift for my Dad to celebrate his recent retirement. I'll post a few more as I advance on the build.



Thought Duckworks may find this interesting.

Bob Thomas

What a great article this is - he does not mince any words with his opinion.
Not vague stuff here.

Gerry Williams

Res Q Disk is a frisbee-type device with polypro line for use as a throwing line.  Mine hasn't shown up yet so I haven't been able to test it out, but the videos on their site make it look like they can get better range than my throwing sack.

In an attempt to work though a loss of a great friend and Mentor, I have made a page on Wikipedia for Jack Hicks.  I have only included those things of which I know, and I encourage those in the boat world to include his activity there.

Dr. Kevin-Bruce Mahaffey D.D.

We've noticed there doesn't seem to be a place for Pelican builders to share information. The existing groups are focused more on what and how to do things with your Pelican after it's built. 

That's why we've added a Builders Forum page to the website.


Video on casting bronze sailboat fittings.

Hi Chuck, I found this surfing the net.  Might be interesting fro Duckworks.

Jose Joven

Finally got my photos up from the Big Lagoon Messabout.

David Luckhardt

Just thought I'd shoot a quick video of my XCR build progress to try this youtube thing out.

Charles Jenkinson

I've posted a new Slider video.

Ray Aldridge

This Page has two videos - the bottom one is especially interesting.

Hi Chuck

Here are some pictures of the whole construction process of my Core Sound. Good luck with the Texas 200.  It looks like a great crowd.

Doug Cameron

I have started a wiki called Backyard Boatbuilding. After a while, I'll submit an article to you on wiki stuff for boatbuilders.

blessings and peace

Jon Rieley-Goddard

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