By John Welsford - Hamilton, New Zealand

More Pictures from Mahurangi

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Unloading This carvel planked Gig was exquisite.
Wall to wall boats There is a way through but its like this for about 5 kmof river.
Jackyard topsail and such graceful lines.
The long white boat is a Mahurangi punt Unique to the area Windfola inthe backgound getting ready to race.
The carvel gig under way Thats a properly caned seat back there It justneeds a parasol and crinoline skirt.
I dont think that it would be possible to show you too many pics of this boat. Wonderful work.
Some have class and some have character This looks as though she was originallya lifeboat.
More of the little lifeboat Love the engine and its exhaust.
Windfola threading her way in toward the beach.
One of two examples of my Seagull design there on the day.
One of the two Joansas there lining up for the start of the open sprint race.
My freind Brian Stonestreets lovely Honey He attended night school class and they built several of these Good eh.
Not all of them were varnished And the white paint looked very nice.
Secret is an 18ft Mullett boat Descended from the fishing boats in this area these centerboarders carry a phenomenally large rig.
There is a lot of power in Waitangis rig Even in such light weather.
Hardly a mark on the water but shes doing at least 6 knots.
Hornblower a near replica of a 17th century ships boat.
There were lots of fine points for spectators to discuss and debate.
Even though Sabines a Veteran hes serious Check the gloves.
A pair of modern classics Iain Oughtred and L Francis Herreshoff desigendthese two.
A Wayfarer dinghy The English use these as cruisers and there are some wonderfulstrories by Margaret and Frank Dye of advetures that would make your hairstand on end.
An odd mix Colin Browns rowing skiff with a Polytarp and bamboo crab clawrig Dont bet against it He is faster than you think.
Annie I did not get to talk to her owner but she looks new And very welldone as well.
Another new clinker boat Lovely work indeed.
Boatbuilder Colin Brown carries his rowing boat like this.
It would not be a small boat event without Philip C Bolgers boats This oneis the original Windfola designed and built for Aucklander Victor Hopwood.


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