Sunny Skiff
A new design in a series of skiffs by Gavin Atkin.


Here's a new design by Bernd Kohler. Eco is a low powered Cat cruiser.

Unicat 2.4
Here's a new design from Brett Marine Design. The Unicat 2.4 is a multipurpose dinghy for use as a tender, fishing boat or general messing about on the water.


Kayak+ and Kayak++
Ken Simpson has a new design, which is a Kayak that can be powered and has a bimini.


Gavin Atkin of Great Britain has produced another in his series of free plans for small boats. This one, named after his lovely daughter, is a 12 foot flattie rowboat designed stitch and glue.


A Boat Named Alice
This article first appeared in MAIB. In it, Chuck Corwin takes us through the process of designing and building a ten pound, skin-on-frame kayak that will fit into a backpack. Seriously!

John Welsford decided to design and build a boat reminiscent of one he cruised in as a teenager. Pilgrim is an open water capable open cruising dinghy that can fulfill your dreams too.


After sailing the Texas200, I asked Jim Michalak to design the perfect boat for that event. Now that another one has come and gone, I am pretty sure we got it right. Why not build one?.

Building SLACKTIDE: A T26x7
Back in 2000 Duckworks had a design contest and Dave Zeiger entered his Trilobyte design. It did not win but Dave has since designed a whole family of of these striking and unique boats.

Mangrove Jack
Here is a brand new design by Mark Bowdidge. It is a reliable and seaworthy little fishing boat that looks like a fiberglass boat - yet it is quick to build with modern S&G composite methods.


KD 650
In a lifetime of designing and building catamarans, Bernd Kohler has learned a few things and he puts much of that knowlege to work in this new coastal cruising catamaran.

Mushulu 12
Australian Mark Bowdidge has drawn much more than another fishing boat/yacht tender. His many years drawing and using such boats gives him an advantage you can profit from.

Forest & Stream
Here is a set of free plans for anyone who wants a nice little flattie skiff for rowing or sailing. Sergey Sinelnikov from Russia sent them and they are 1st class with drawings and photos.

Casa Cat
This may just be the holy grail of small catamarans. Terry Culley has designed a spacious yet easily trailerable boat that assembles quickly on a special trailer - he is selling plans too!


Pollywog Sail Rig Progress
Ken Simpson is the guy who designs those clever take apart boats that you have read about. His latest, Pollywog, is getting fitted for a sail and Ken goes about it in his usual capable way.

Boxy Lady
I met Gary Lepak several years ago when he was taking his Stoaproa to Florida. I promptly turtled it. Since then he has designed and built several boats - Boxy Lady is his latest.

Wanderer Report
Three years ago, when Bob Throne first sent us some sketches about a proposed pocket cruiser and asked for comments from readers, I figured he was just another boat daydreamer.


Bosun's Mate 23
When I began to read about Mark Bowdidge's Bosun's Mate 23, my attitude was "Oh, another power boat. But this is open, effecient, big enough for an expedition. Lake Powell anyone?

Not one to rest on his laurels, Ken Simpson has been busy designing and building another of his Toter series of take-apart boats. This one is the largest yet and will row, power or sail.

John Welsford describes this new design as "A small, affordable and exceptionally tough little ocean cruiser. I guess he should know; he sailed the prototype over 500 miles in sea trials.

Lisa B Good
Duane Hedley's story about his Lisa B Good brought to my attention the fact that the free plans for this boat were no longer available. Fortunately Mike Russon helped out.

In his quest for the perfect tender for his sailboat, Robin Benjamin came up with something very clever and different from anything you have seen. It even uses a Mirage drive.


18 Foot Deck Boat
Here is another of those very clever designs from Harold Duffield. Always simplifying, he has come up with a way to build an aluminum boat that does not require any welding.

Slider Cat
From the start, Ray Alderidge was out to design a new kind of cat. He wanted a beach cruiser for adults. Something small and handy but with comfortable seating. Now plans are available.

Lissa - design #234
Here is another of Joe Dobler's designs. I don't think it is an exaggeration to say that Joe was ahead of his time. This little stitch and glue rowing/sailing boat proves that to me.


The Julie skiff
Gavin Atkin was one of the first contributors to Duckworks. Today he has his own blog - - and he continues to design traditional style boats in stitch and glue.

Now Who's Laughing?
A lot of folks have scoffed at Jim Michalak's tiny, little "nanoshanty" called Dockbox. Bryan Lowe isn't laughing, though, and when you read this you probably won't be either.


Bridget 82
Christer Byström has been sending us reports of his boat designing and building adventures for years. Read his report on a new boat that uses an Optimist sail, rudder and centerboard.

Strider - A Mirage drive powered, two person launch
Chris Ostlind is a clever guy - if that is an adequate word to describe someone who can design beautiful boats that perform at the highest levels and yet can be built by any amateur.