The 2009 Lake Union Wooden Boat Festival
Pete and his camera are our eyes and what beautiful boats you will see at this festival.


Puddleduck Racers, World Championships 2009
Pirates, skullduggery and mayhem aside, this was a great race and Jackie was there. You'd love to win this trophy.

The Texas 200: Ranger's Big Adventure
It was blowing hard, he was on an oyster reef with his cut leg down a hole and he had to hold the boat. "Oyster reefs are evil".

Texas 200 - Mike Monies' Story
Dismasted, cold and wet, Mike was determined to finish. This is another fabulous story from the Texas 200.

Texas 200 - Post Cruise
Does dismasted, torn mainsail and sailing in the dark sound scary? This is one sailor in trouble.


The hand of the gods: The Florida 120
The gods were the ace in the card hand. The day was set for the Florida 120 and the weather was good, but would the weather gods continue to be friendly?

Sticks in Mud: Sea Pearl 21
Tom has had a very humbling experience. He gained a damaged boat and spars, but he also gained a valuable lesson, which he shares in the hope that it will help us all.


Sail Caledonia and the Goat Island Skiff
Michael Storer will tell you that the Goat Island Skiff was not designed to be a raid boat, but Joost Engelen did not know that - or did not care. Here is his report on the Caledonia Raid.

I can’t believe I ate half that bag of … !
As soon as Paul and Bill Moffitt finished the inaugural Texas200 they were planning a similar event for the Outer Banks. Of course they invited brother Sean Moffitt who filed this report.

A Short summary of the Florida 120
The Texas200 has spun off a handful of similar events around the country. The first I know of is Scott Widmier's Florida 120 which takes place around Pensacola. Here is Scott's report.

Sailing on a Latino in the Med
I don't think we have ever had a report like this one. Bernd Kohler was invited to sail in a "fiesta" race among traditional Spanish lateen rigged fishing boats off the Mediteranian coast.


Inspired by the Texas200, Paul Moffitt is organizing a similar event for North Carolina's Outer Banks. In this article he gives some background and his ideas and hopes for the OBX130.

The Texas200 - Two Points of View
Bobby Chilek and his daughter, Kristen both wrote about their experiences on the Texas200. Their differences were so compelling that we decided to post them side-by-side.


A (Rio) Grande Sojourn - Part 1
This is a photo essay that I put together. It covers a paddle trip that Skip Johnson and I were luck enough to take part in last February. Last week he wrote about the boat he built for it.

A (Rio) Grande Sojourn - Part 2


Blown Away at the Australian Wooden Boat Festival in Hobart!
We are very fortunate to have Greg Fleming reporting on these boat festivals down under - especially since he does such a great job of photographing the boats and people at them.


2008 Lake Pepin Messabout
For several years now, Bill Paxton has been organizing the Lake Pepin Messabout. I am sad to say I have not made it yet, but you shoud go this year. Here is the story from last year.

CENTEX Small Boat Messabout
Steve Lansdowne wanted me to publish this story about last year's Central Texas Messabout now, to remind folks that another one is coming up on April 25, just a few weeks away.


Lake Powell Rocks/The Ravens Are Always Watching
Last fall, Sandra and I joined Jim Thayer and his band of Kokonauts for their annual cruise. We have always loved Lake Powell, but this turned out to be one of the best trips ever.

Lake Powell Rocks/The Ravens Are Always Watching
In this second part of the tale of 12 Kokonuts, Sandra's wonderful prose and my hopefully adequate pictures tell the story of what turned out to be our best Kokopelli ever.

"That Was Horrible!"
With Sprimg close by, plans are heating up for summer boating activities. Bill Moffitt wrote this a while back and we thought it might help warm up folks who are still in the throes of Winter.


Georgetown SC Wooden Boat Festival 2008
Tom Beck got a nice birthday present: a trip to the Georgetown South Carolina Wooden Boat Festival. He especially liked the boat building contest and fortunately took his camera along.

Eastern Messabout 2008
There is no denying that when a bunch of folks get together with their boats, fun just happens.  Steve Bosquette reveals how much fun happened last June at the Eastern Messabout.

First Annual Texas Proa Championships
I'd be surprized to learn that more than two proas had ever sailed together in Texas before this. Kevin O'Neill organized this major Proa event and put together a nice article about it.


A Boat for the Texas 200
As a school teacher, Dan St Gean has limited resources, but as soon as he heard about the Texas200 he was determined to come. In this story he discusses his options and final decision.