The Upside Down Cat and Three Teenagers

The Voyage of Miss Cindy - Part Two
'Miss Cindy' completes the last part of a seven month 4500 mile voyage. The journey continues in part two...

2009 Florida Vacation
A reconnoiter of the Florida area for a future longer vacation produces some beautiful photographs.

The Atlantic with no compass and no watch!
You might think them both silly. When you read of their experience and see what they were doing and why, you will be amazed.


The Voyage of Miss Cindy - Part One
The 16' micro cruiser catamaran 'Miss Cindy' completes the last part of a seven month 4500 mile voyage from the Sea of Cortez in the Pacific and arrives in Cuba.


Norseboat Travels the Arctic
Royal Marines successfully navigate Northwest Passage in 17.5 ft. open boat.

Bootstrap in the Sounds
This is a wonderful tale of a trip to Marlborough Sounds, NZ. Warning, this article may lead to serious daydreaming.


Life on the Ocean Wave - A Kid's Point of View - Part 2
In the second part of Cheree Bowdidges account of a childhood spent cruising with her parents aboard their yacht, she talks about her impressions of Indonesia, Malasia and Singapore.


Life on the Ocean Wave - A kid's point of view
How many of us have dreamed of living aboard a yacht and sailing to foreign ports? Cheree Bowdidge's dad built such a boat and the family cruised it for 11 years. This is her story.

The Sprucegoose Splashes Down
Since Brian Anderson lives in France, he gets to paddle among medieval buildings and other romantic surroundings, but the going is not easy and there are some unromantic aspects.

Who Needs to be a Millionaire?
Harold Duffield has made two extended cruises down the Mississippi River: One with his daughter when she was 12 years old and the second with her son when he was 12 years old.


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Philsboat Coastal New Zealand Camping Trip
Way down on New Zealand's South Island, Rob Kellock has built a Philsboat and has been taking some adventurous trips in it. Here he gives an account of one trip plus lessons learned.

Sailing to the Dry Tortugas
It was a relatively short offshore trip and Larry Whited was prepared - he had all the necessary gear and had planed down to the last detail. But things can go wrong any time, any where.


Wharf Inspections
When Perry Burton got an email from his brother Dennis, it seemed pretty ordinary but when Dennis began to relate his recent experience at work, well, Perry just had to share.


A Sailing Story
If you sail long enough you will see and experience things that you can not explain. Doug Randall had one such mysterious experience on the cold and turblent waters of the Golden Gate.

A Toter Story
On a sunny Arizona day, Ken Simpson set out to test the battery on his Toter take-apart-boat. But he got distracted by the ducks and had a run-in with a potential boat eating rock.


Rhine Kanuen: The Best Bit
I really envy Brian Anderson. Having moved to Europe, he can now paddle down rivers loaded with castles, history and spectacular scenery that the rest of us only dream about.


Jagular Gets Rescued!
In Tom Pamperin's story of the capsize and subsequient rescue of his Bolger Pirate Racer, there are some lessons to be learned - but they may not be the lessons you would guess.


A Fall Sailing Story
Pamlico Sound is one of the best cruising areas for small boats and John Welsford's Pathfinder is one of the best small cruising boats. Iin this story, Steve Earley enjoys the best of both.