By Willi Prenninger - Austria

I built my first Proa 5 years ago for testing. I was very pleasantly surprised.
The main hull I later used as the ama on my Great Proa.

My first Proa under construction...
... and under sail  

Actually, my big boat is a converted PORT MADISON PROA. There is no blueprint, only the entry in the Duckworks Magazine Design Contest #6. The construction is Stitch and glue with 6mm ply for all but the bottom which is 10mm. The rudders are outside, connected with wire ropes, and are easy to pull up. You can reach everything from the cockpit. The cockpit itself is 1m by 2m and can be removed to make transport easier
LOA - 7.5 m
BOA - 4.5 m
The sail is a crabclaw, that runs on a rail. In the spring I will send you detailed photos and drawings, if everything goes well.

Here I am early in the big boat project...
... do you recognize the ama?  

There are several reasons I chose to build a Proa. Originally, I wanted to build a TIKI 26, even going so far as to buy a set of plans - without thinking where I would build it or how to transport the hulls, etc. Being a solo sailor was important to me, but this boat was a little bit too much - too big and too complicated.

Now it is getting well along

One day I saw a movie on TV about the TAUMAKU project. It has fascinated me. Some natives built a Proa without any metal parts, such as nails, screws, etc. I thought I could sail such a boat alone.

Ama/aka joint   

I looked everywhere, in books, magazines and the Internet for information about this type of boat, and thus I found the Port Madison Proa at Duckworks Magazine. In my eyes, this boat, in all ways, was the best of the bunch.

Aka lashing

I had built the small Proa in Stitch and glue construction to test the behavior of this type of boat in all situations. In doldrums as well as storm, it behaved wonderfuly and safely.

sail detail 

In spite of some resistance from my wife, I then decided to build the larger boat.
I sat down and made a drawing 1/10 scale. I used the Tiki 26 construction drawings and the information on the Madison Proa to design my own boat. Due to the length of the three 6mm plywood sheets, I decided on a total length for the boat of 7.5 m. I used the TIKI's beams only bent, it was great work. For the AMA, I used the main hull of the small Proa. (I had two boats at once)

Rudder details

I deliberately moved the outside of the hull/ rudder attachement to avoid major damage and plan to keep the crabclaw rig because any boat sailing without one, in my opinion, does not deserve the name PROA.

I'm building her in my backyard.

The first sail will take place on a small lake in the Salzkammergut and if everything works, I will sail farther.  (My dream is circumnavigating Europe)
A report with photos follows, as promised, in spring. Until then much needs to be done.


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