By Luis Grauer - Merida, Mexico

I expect there are some duckworksers that would be interested in this big trimaran I saw being built in Vera Cruz.

This boat is 33.33 metres long made from 9 different kinds of tropical hardwood including machich, pucte, dzalam, cuero, corazon azul and four others that I don't remember.

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Most fotos are self evident, but some need a few words.
The key is lying across the hull planking (thickness) and the key measures 1-3/4" (4.5cm).
These two guys are planking the port side ama.
My wife is standing behind the prow.
The walkways aft have spaces between the planks to allow water easy access and egress.
The wavy wall is the forward wall of the main cabin...
... and the wall with the six sided pieces is the after wall of the main cabin.
The quart-litre cans of pasint are along the hull about midship.
The guys whose feet and legs you see are caulking.
The keel beam measures about 11" x 16" (28cm x 40cm) and the big knee is at the transome and is 11" wide by about 3'x3' (28cm x 1m x 1m).
Reviewing my pics shows that I´m obviously not a fotojournalist, there are so many pics missing, but I think you can get the idea.

The workshop for this boat (I wish I had taken a picture) is a tablesaw, a bandsaw, and a planer on the beach under a tarp with a small additional tarpped space for a lathe and a drill press, so those of you who are waiting for a fantastic workshop to be able to start your twelve footer, take notice!

I asked to see the sail-plan and the designer took the time to show me. What I drew is from memory and pretty accurate.

The foresail is triangular, set pretty much as I drew it. The main mast has a square sail and a staysail abaft, and there is something like the fisherman staysail that you see on Grand Banks Schooners between the main and mizzen. I didn´t go into the whys of this sailplan. I expect it has something to do with keeping the vintage look.

this workman was apparently making dead-eyes.

The boat will be in Alvarado, Veracruz, Mexico until the end of May. They plan to take it to Miami, Washington, D.C., and New York over the summer, and then to Greece and Egypt and other Mediterranean ports.

The boat has small amas close to the hull. If you look closely at this photo and the next one, you will pick them out.
This is anything but a speed boat. The hull shape is like one of Columbuses boats, or maybe a bit more modern, but not much.

  I don´t know what the designer was thinking, but I like the boat alot.


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