This time we have the following boats:

Send a picture or three and a short description of your boat and its launch
to for inclusion here next month.

P T Skiff

Dear Chuck,

Eric Jolley, Paul Bieker, and Russell Brown have developed an advanced design, 18 foot 4 inch kit boat, powered by a 20 HP 4-stroke outboard.

It’s a center console skiff. The PT Skiff’s particular efficiency is in the speed range from displacement to planing. This gives not only stingy use of fuel at all speeds, but assures she’ll operate usefully in seas when it’s necessary to slow down. And she has water ballast, too, to compensate for her light weight while carrying light loads. 

The plywood kit itself is masterfully efficient. It has Russell’s sophisticated skills and building techniques, organized to be very friendly to the kit builder. 

As you know, Chuck, these three fellows’ qualifications and experiences are exceptional, probably unparalleled. As the sites show, the PT Skiff reflects their savvy and creativity.

These pictures show the recently launched prototype which was built by the Northwest School of Wooden Boat Building.

~Hugh Horton


Hi Chuck,

I finished my Michalak Shanteuse. We named her "The Perfect End". I built it for all my grandkids to cruise the local lake and picnic on the odd island. We love it!

Thanks to Jim for a great plan. Thanks to you for the advice on fiberglass and epoxy and for having your store online.

Gene Berry

The Steel Boat

The steel boat was launched in water today,floats better on water than the Hume highway. There are more photos on


Motor Launch

Hi Chuck,

This is a launch that was built in the 1960's and was launched for the first time in 8 years. It belongs to Allan Branson and his wife Joy. It preformed a treat with four on board.



Hi Chuck-
After two years and 8 months I am happy to report the successful launching of my John Welsford designed Navigator - The "El Pedito".
Having built a Tolman Standard and a Jumbo I switched gears and built a sailboat to round out my boat stable.  Now I have to just learn how to sail... not a problem as I did get a sailing merit badge in the Boy Scouts and am armed with a copy of "Sailing for Dummies"-  so I got that going for me....

After building my Tolman Jumbo outdoors under a canopy I thought it would be great to build something small enough to fit in my garage.  I imagined how sweet it would be to just walk through the kitchen door and be able to work on the boat.  What I didn't take into account was just as easy as you can walk out to work on the boat you can walk right back in and not work on the boat... thus the 2 year 8 month build time.

All and all another rewarding project that allowed me to expand my boatbuilding skill set as construction methods were different on this project than the Tolmans.
Kevin Beddoe
Carlsbad, Ca

PDR #375 "Charlie"

I have joined the official ranks of Puddle Ducks, just in time for the county fair.
Thanks to Charlie Jones for letting me use his shop and tools. Look forward to seeing everyone at Magnolia Beach in 2010.

I used Andrews basic 15.5 plans. And Michael Storers Lug Sail plan.

I have a feeling I will be making some changes after I take her out sailing. Hopefully, I can go this weekend. Of course, half the town wants to witness the event because we had some "non-believers" at the fair. There is not a doubt in my mind it will float, but I am unsure of the placement of my sail hardware for peak effectiveness. And I have a feeling the sail is too large, but what the heck! I had a blast building it and will build another boat to use all I learned with this one.

Thanks to Jon Kowitz for letting me sail Ranger this summer. That really inspired me to get this done. Now hopefully, I will get some 4H families hooked and we will grow a duck club here in Calhoun County.

Rhonda Cummins

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