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Send a picture or three and a short description of your boat and its launch
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It's been awhile since I've written (or ordered) anything.

I did launch my Trilars on Sunday (5/24/2009) last I wrote we were pending a move from Raleigh, NC to Richmond VA and since we have moved back. Here are some pictures my 13 year old son Cullen took after our day of sailing, we staged a few shots (well I got to sail he did the shooting). It was a bit of an adventurous day including failed cable ties holding the the block at the top of the mast. I had to take the mast down mid lake and used one of the bolts from the lee board guard to get us back sailing.

Tom Raidna
The Home Boatbuilders Page


A Light Sculling Trainer

Hello Chuck,

Well, another bit of your website has gone into making a boat! I used the fiberglass tape I bought a while back to make a light sculling trainer / kayak from the designs posted by Hannu's boatyard. The build stretched out a lot longer than I expectied, but I learned quite a bit. I kept a loose journal of the build HERE. I
have only used it as a kayak so far, still need to figure out an inexpensive sliding seat rig for it.

Just wanted to say thanks for your site, without it I probably never would have found this hobby. My excitement was dampened this morning when I read the news that Phil Bolger had passed. It goes without saying that his ideas and designs have influenced many of us who enjoy the world around us from small home built boats. He certainly opened my eyes to what is important in boats. Simple functionality is beautiful and allows you to spend more time with those you love on the water or in the shop. The boats I'm interested in now are more likely to be found at Cedar Key or the Texas 200 than at any boat show or marina.

Jon Van Vuren


The weather still was not the best but I finally accomplished launching my Flint. I would like to thank Ross for designing such a nice boat and you for a great place to share.

I look forward to a nice summer with my wife and daughter and some fishing and building the next one.

Billy Bronaugh



We hauled Pandion today to get ready for Michigan.... We were able to take a few photos... see attached. The winds were very light but we managed to ghost along between light puffs.....

David Nichols

Two New Boats

Cedar Key had about the same sized crowd as last year, which was the biggest ever. I think people, over the years, have been less inclined to stay longer, but that might just reflect the greater attendance.

To me, Meade's "yellow thing" was the 'boat of the meet.' What a doodad! The photo included is from Ron Thweat.

What a Doodad!

Jim Renouf launched his Bufflehead, "Eden" It was a rush time for us once we got there since K & I'd driven down w/ my dad---1st year he'd not driven himself. He's 88---so I didn't get to sail Eden or try the new rig.

The photo of Jim Renouf stepping into Eden was his 1st moment afloat in her. Ron Sell photo'd. Her sheer strake is still carbon showing, but will get painted to contrast w/ the whitish below & kevlar tape above, probably a medium intensity violet. I'm arguing to metal flake it, since I had instructions in FL from a Harley painter on how to low tech flake. Probably Jim won't go for it, though.

Jim Renouf with his Bufflehead, "Eden" - his 1st moment afloat in her.

I think we're all headed for the Wooden Canoe Heritage Association's yearly Assembly at Keuka Lake NY July 15-19, though, so I'll sail Eden there if not sooner. This year's Assembly is featuring sailing canoes, so invites were heavy to get there again. Should be fun. When I last gave the sailing seminar there a dozen years ago, the perpetual argument between "heritage" & "wooden" was swinging back to wooden. So Buffleheads are plywood composites. We'll see what their attitude is now.

Hugh Horton
Horton Small Boats, Solid Comfort Boats
29474 Old North River Rd
Harrison Twp MI 48045
586 468 6456



Attached is a picture of the Deansbox my Dad (mostly by himself) and I completed. This picture is from its maiden voyage yesterday in Lake Somerville, Texas. Except for the fact that we have a lot of messing around and adjusting still to do with the rigging, the boat sailed very well. I'm going to attempt to update a blog from my phone during the Texas 200. If you would like to follow along and see how the boat is holding up, here is the link:

Josh Clover

Raid 41

Bryan Cull launched his Michael Storer designed Raid 41 during the Texas200.

Mushulu 14

G'day Chuck,

Just got some pictures today of the first Mushulu 14 about to be launched. I'll send more through on launched day itself!!! The gentleman who built this boat is in his 70's.


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