This time we have the following boats:

Send a picture or three and a short description of your boat and its launch
to for inclusion here next month.

16 ft Skiff

Have put together 16ft skiff for good! Looks ok could have done better on finish but hey! hoping will be quite quick with 10sq ft of poly sail. Will trial chinner runners re enigma first. to see if they work on light displacement hull.

Cabin pops up to a graceful arch not shown on photos. Made out of 2 sheets 3/8 and 3 of 1/4. No bouyancy tanks but I have 4ft square blook of 4" polystrene to cut up and stick in bow.

Can give details of the design if anyone is interestd. Bob throne set me off with his Wanderer. But I wanted the speed of a GIS. So i thought up the folding top to keep weight down.

Yours James

One of a Kind

This is the boat I built for cleaning the canal it is in. It gets way overgrown with weeds. It isn't any speed demon, but with the 318 dodge engine and twin blade prop drive, and hydraulic steering, it is powerful. The automatic transmission also gives me reverse. I have since replaced all drive belts.
It is very comfortable for fishing also.

I got the original pontoon boat, 24 feet long, from a neighbor after he hit a concrete barrier, and ripped open the left pontoon. He gave it to me. After getting a professional canal cleaner quote of over $6,500, I decided to make my own. After adding two more pontoons, and a 318 Dodge v-8, I built the supporting frames and made the props from 3/16' steel creased in the center. It took me about 5 weeks to get them balanced to be used. It has hydraulic steering and steers with a 3 position electric switch.

It is Coast Guard approved, and the inspector, a retired Coast Guard officer, told me he had never seen such a boat as what I built. Lastly, I built a wooden rake fastened to the front and adjustable for height, I can push the vegetation out of the canal. It is also comfortable to go on the lake for fishing.

Harlan Bloom
Haines City FLA.


I have finished the inside and have rolled her over and started on the outside. Hopefully will prime Saturday. I am happy with my efforts thus far. Got my oars last week and am itching to get on the water but am attempting all the calls in my head to hurry. I ordered my oars from Van Fancy of Very nice man and he makes and has been making oars for a long time. Great prices too. Fast? well he is very fast. Makes oars as they are ordered appearently. I got one pair of spoons and one pair of straights for the price of a pair of S&T's.. I have put up new photos of my progress in the photo section. Whatcha think?

I swear the next pictures will be of us in the water , weather permitting, but for now I've posted some pics of her in her final state.

Billy Bronaugh

Piccup Squared

Hello Chuck,

OK. I attach some capsize test pics of Sean and "Patox" (emphasis on tox), his brand new Piccup Squared.

Looks like he had fun.  GPS gave 2 top speeds of 6 and 6.1 Knts. Seems high to me but Sean said he saw 5+ regularly.  Some with 2 on board and some with just him.

Bill Moffitt


Here are a couple of pictures of hull number 0001 going out the door today. Started bolting on the keel this afternoon. Should be on the trailer and in the water by Monday.

Well eKo is finally in the water. Yea.

We will finish setting up the rig tomorrow and possibly go sailing.

Sam Ausmus III

Little Breton

I have had these plans for several years and wrote a G code program so I could
cut the planks on our CNC router at work, I then got involved with other
projects and had to let the little Breton wait. I finally got a chance to cut
the planks, bow and stern pieces, rudder and centre details. and the form last

I have the boat finished as far as rowing goes. I took it for a spin on my
swimming pool to see how it handles. It does quite well although I would have
liked the bilge to be firmer. When you look over the side, it rolls smartly
until the gunwale is about 3" from the water. I am now working on the rudder and

Brian Evans.


HI Chuck, Here is a quick pic (by John Kohnen) "Splash" of my Kayleigh design (by Tracy Obian) redesigned by myself and named "Marsh Hawk." I plan to do an article for Duckworks on the design, building and performance of this remarkable little cruiser. I have been totally consumed for 1 1/2 years building Marsh Hawk, you know how that all goes.

I also plan to do an article on "challenges of the sea vs. human imposed risk." Right now I'm trying to get my shop cleaned up after a crash outfitting marathon getting Marsh Hawk ready for the Depoe Bay Wooden Boat Show.

Some brief specs: loa = 18', lwl = 16', d = 6", wgt = ~ 600#, rough water displacement hull.

The building article has some very interesting points and techniques, the risk article is something I have been thinking about for a long time after having a few "accidents."

Terry Lesh



In 2006 I was searching for a small boat design to use on Four Mile Run, a stream near my home in Falls Church Virginia. I researched several coracle designs but did not like the high seating and resulting difficulty of locating oarlocks. I know how to scull, but consider it a chore.

On the way to work one morning I saw that someone had discarded a Sears Xcargo car rooftop carrier and thought that the top half would make a nice hull. I paid the neighbors $2 to let me hide it under their porch just as the trash truck arrived. To make it into a boat required only installing pine gunwales to tie the rope oarlocks to, and the addition of some foam flotation, although the fiberglass it's made of barely floats naturally. For a seat, I throw a flotation cushion in the bottom. It is a bit more flexible than I'm used to, but it only weighs 17 pounds. It is about 4' X 3' X 1'. The following two images show it in a very restricted part of Four Mile Run, something I can do after work without driving ten miles in rush hour traffic to the river.

I have enjoyed your website immensely over the last few years. It's one I check out every morning.

T.A. Coons

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