This time we have the following boats:

Send a picture or three and a short description of your boat and its launch
to for inclusion here next month.

Old Shoe

Hi Chuck,

Thought I’d let you know that I launched my Phil Bolger “Old Shoe” named “Pearl” on July 18, 2009.  I purchased my sails from you and can now say how pleased I am with them and how pleased I am with how the boat sails.

Best regards,
Dennis Lancaster


Please welcome MoonPie to the waters of the world. 

Well I finally finished. It took close to four years to reach launch day. Along the way I lost both my parents, survived a horrible illness and surgery and met many wonderfully supportive people from around the world. That includes you Chuck. The hardware you helped me pick out was just the ticket for success. I sure learned a lot of new skills. I think about my first kayak kit and being nervous while beveling the panels. Now I have to learn how to flatten the sail and make her go. I built in a CB rather than the traditional DG. Well worth the extra effort. 

Setting up.

Rowing out of the calm to find some wind.

Wife in charge.

Coming about slowly. What a pretty design.

Ghosting along.

Kid doing the stand and tiller thing.

Easing to the ramp.

James Farrelly

Mayfly 14

Sorry I don't have a better photo but it does show the genuine Duckworks Sail. I wasn't brave enough to sew my own sail. The boat is a lot of fun and operates very well. Jim Michalak's book made it very easy to build.

Warren Newbury
Durant, OK


Mushulu 14

We decided to take some time from designing and get our Mushulu 14 finished and on the water. The morning of launched day was hectic to say the least. With the boat trailer hooked up, some last quick photos and my calculations notebook in hand, we were off.

For the next hour, we had a blast putting the Mushulu 14 through her paces, checking her stability (like a rock) and checking her actual planning take off speed (7 kts). Craig and Ryan, after driving around in their lumbering alloy dinosaur, wanted to have a turn After, they asked if we wanted to trade. Get out of it!!

Now, all we have to do is get the Mushulu 14 out on the open water, ripping up the ocean and getting more video footage. For open water use, we already know what it will be like, if the Mushulu 12 is any comparison - it will rocket!

Mark Bowdidge
Bowdidge Marine Design

"Jus Musin"


For your consideration for Splash! The "Jus Musin" Shanty based on the Lisa B. Good plans available on Duckworks website. True to plans other than the modification of the front of cabin. Equiped with full controls and 9.9 hp moves along good. Has a Coleman kitchen, and three seat breakfast bar. Captain bench up front. Equiped with navagation lanterns,upper deck and lavatory.

Great for the creeks and marshes of the Northern Red River Delta. Built by my brother in 3 months and he added his own unique touches and style.

Ron Keats   



I have attached a couple of pictures of "Pikake", a John Welsford Pathfinder. With construction now complete and a couple of trips under the hull I can finally say how she performs. Swift, stable, and just downright pretty to look at. I've sailed under various conditions and so far no water has come in over the rails or even remotely close. On some calm days Pikake has even served as a ferry to bring relatives to the cabin.

Perry Burton

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