• May Letters

  • Have a Masked Ball
    A great 'how to' on masking tape. Did you know not to use newspaper?

  • Extraordinary May Webwatch

  • Mark Steele’s Model yacht column
    Those inexpensive Nirvana’s, Sailing Solings at West Delray in Florida, a `Funny Ha Ha’ World Match Race Series, an Americam event at Herreshoffs, and an incredibly large and lovely Whaler!

  • May Splash

  • TOTER-2 Sail
    We've read about the TOTER-2 on the 30th March. Well, as promised, the TOTER2 SAIL Plans are now available.

    Jim's CLC Pram
    Jim decided to go for a kit rather than build completely from scratch. He choose a Passagemaker kit and was very pleased with the whole package from CLC, including the finished boat's performance.

    Teddy Bear's Holiday
    At times this was no picnic for us Teddys with the wind and the water on us, but Rob and family really enjoyed this cruise in their Philsboat.

    Stems and Trailers
    Now, you would think that getting a light fourteen-foot lapstrake (clinker) dinghy onto a trailer would be a simple matter, and so it should be.

    Sailing the Michalak Blobster (A World First!)
    Two years ago Miles started building the Jim Michalak design he called ‘Blobster’. He named her 'Bob' - "(why not? That’s what you want a boat to do at the very least)".

    Building a Lutra Laker - A Work in Progress
    After having two kayaks and one canoe under his belt, Mike felt it was time for a change. He searched for a motor boat and he chose to build David Nichol's Lutra Laker.

    The Keuka Whaler - Part One
    "I have a quixotic dream; I see whaleboats on the Fingerlakes of New York". Some years ago Craig began to dream about a community rowboat project and he tells us about it.

    Power Pelican - Part 1
    Rich has owned a lot of boats over the years. Now it's time to just go motoring, but at a relaxed pace. The Great Pelican is started to answer Rich's dream of cabin motorboat.

    Our Young Navy
    How did Hackett come to design the Hancock known immediately by the British as the fastest frigate in the world? Paul answers this question as he examines frigate design.

  • May Webwatch

  • An Easy Waterproof Switchbox
    For a new simple switch box, Gary got a hard plastic waterproof box, with an o-ring seal, hinged top, and latches to hold it closed which sells for around $6 at WalMart.

    Bird's Mouth Spar Size Calculators
    This is a great 'how to' article which explains clearly how to navigate those seemingly complicated birdsmouth spar calculators.

    New Design: EZ2 Canoe by Ken Simpson
    ...I have redesigned the EZ CANOE to be more technically current, and a little more roomy. It now employs features I find to be easier to assemble, and at the same time provides a more durable little boat.

    Now, Where Was I?
    Sometimes we have been away from our project for so long that we forget what we were doing and where we put those bolts. It takes time to refigure things out, but once Paul did he gained momentum.

    Pathfinders Kitchen
    Do you go cruising and forget the can opener or frying pan? Perry's solution to this problem is a kitchen box with everything that opens and shuts. He gives us the free plans to build it.

    Edge Tool Envy - Part 3
    Last time we looked at getting a sharp edge. This time let’s look at reviving a dead block plane.

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