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  • September Letters


    Be Sure and Salt Your Decks - Part Three
    In the cockpit area the glass ribs are too sharp, so I did this arrangement.


    How to Fix Your Boat to the Ceiling
    This piece is about storing your boat, and it applies most for canoes or light rowing boats.


    Mark Steele's Model Yacht Column
    Mark Steele on a wonderful world of small boats.


  • September Splash


    A Lifetime in Small Boats
    I built my first boat in 1969 at the age of 14.


    More Scenes from the Dink
    I'm back in Idaho, after a long (3100 mile) drive home across I-40, dodging tornadoes and snow storms the whole way.


  • September Reports


    Repairs on a 34' Trimaran - Part Two
    More on the repair job. We now have the second layer of planking installed.


    Repairs on a 34' Trimaran - Part One
    Some while ago I promised to do the repairs on a 34 foot Norm Cross designed trimaran that had been damaged in Hurricane Ike.


    Pathfinder Cabin - Part Five
    All that remains is a nice little phrase to make it seem like there's little left to do, but in fact this part seems to take me more actual time than the other parts combined.

    Everglades Challenge 2011 - Part Two
    We were now just 27 "crow flying" miles from the finish at Key Largo. By now, the course and conditions had brutalized the majority of competitors, 11 more dropping out between Checkpoint 2 and Checkpoint 3.


  • September Treasure Chest


    Three Herreshoff Boats You Can Build
    I'd like to look at three Francis Herreshoff Designs that I think the Backyard Duckmeisters could build.


    Rules of Thumb
    Rules of thumb for boat and yacht design - are they legitimate?


  • September Webwatch


    QC155X Canoe Hybrid - Part 2
    Here is the rest of the construction in pictures.


    QC155X Canoe Hybrid - Part 1
    This experimental canoe grows from some of what I have learned from Australian boat designer, Michael Storer, the ultra-light engineering of Herb Cottle, as well as from years of reading the web forums...


    The America's Cup of Landsailing
    It's March again!  Which portends the arrival of my favorite week of the year.


    A Trip in Canada - Part Five
    After several hours of more-of-the-same on the St. Marys River, the river finally widened enough for me to get around the fallen trees and branches using my brand new motor.


    2011 Texas 200
    Probably the most significant event of the week for us was the jamming/unjamming of our centerboard.


    Everglades Challenge 2011 - Part One
    In 2010, I fulfilled a years long dream of participating in the Everglades Challenge in Florida - a 300 mile endurance race that starts in Tampa Bay and ends in Key Largo.

    Monday, August 1, 2012

    More Sewing for Manly Men – The Sew Commando
    ...It hardly needs stating that the manliest of sewing is that which involves large pieces of fabric, like sailmaking, cover tarps, tents, etc.