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Drying Small Parts

To paint and then dry small parts, tap a few small nails into a board and then place the painted part on the nails.

Mike John

As my father said, put it on the floor Son, it can't fall any further then.



Meranti plywood is a popular boatbuilding material. It is found in marine grades and while heavier than Okoume, it is also stronger, more rot resistant and less expensive. But one of the things that goes with the strength of the stuff is its brittleness. Because of this, it tends to tear out when being cut with a bandsaw, especially across the grain. One way to minimize this is to clamp a scrap piece of ply to the table as shown in the picture.

Chuck "The Duck"

Rolling Up a Lugsail

Chuck the Duck

Circular Saw Ripping

After cutting a couple feet into the board, stop cutting, allowing the blade to stop spinning completely before moving the saw, and attach a clamp near the beginning of the cut. This will keep the cut section from drooping as the cut gets longer into the board. Near the end of the cut, repeat the procedure and add another clamp. At the end, cut through the board before stopping.

Thomas D. Yost

Kayak Repair

My neighbor has a wooden kayak that someone clamped down too hard and broke the seams. The crack was about four feet up inside. I used the glass on a stick and paint brush on a stick method to get to it. Steve got a nice shot of my majestic nose for all to see.

Dave Lucas


An easy way to glue the bottom on small boat.

I am building the One-Sheet-Skiff by free plans from Sympatico for two grandsons. By raising the plywood bottom a few inches with scraps forming a tee, and using ice pick guides on bow and transom, I had an open space between the sides and bottom which allowed me to apply PL adhesive completely around the boat. It might not be original but it made the bottom gluing fast and easy.

Bob Guess

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