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  • December Letters

  • BackPacker and BackPacker Plus
    The BackPacker is a simplified cut down version of a much larger dory hull midsection, and its light enough to strap to a backpack and walk for miles over mountain trails.

    Back in August 2012, I'd started designing a rough water capable boat which was about 20' long with a beam of 7'.

    Mark Steele's Model Yacht Column
    Mark Steele on a wonderful world of small boats.

  • December Splash

  • Granddad and Grandson
    Last week we launched my grandson's 8' boat, "Sheila". The design is a One Sheet Wonder with modifications.

    Bow Pudding and Rope Fenders
    I've been using rope fenders on Wee Lass since the day it was launched; they're easy to make, look good, and serve just as well as their plastic counterparts.

    Have you ever noticed how little space you actually use in your house? I've found the same is true on a boat.


  • December Reports

  • Small Reach Regatta
    I just got back from sailing in the Small Reach Regatta off the coast of Maine, out of Lamoine State Park.

    English Mouse Boat
    I asked a student what he would like to make. "A boat", he said.


  • December Treasure Chest

  • Paddling trip to Suihkola river in Central Finland
    Spring is the best time for paddling on small rivers. Rivers have lots of water, insects and the bears are still sleeping.

    Thoughts of a Lazy Sailor, Twin keels
    After finishing a Skat design by Jim Michalak, I decided I needed a bigger boat for spending any practical time on the water doing over nights...


  • December Webwatch

  • 18 (Small) Scows - Part 3
    Encouraged by Shorty Routh, designer of the PDRacer, and Carl Cramer, editor of Wooden Boat magazine, I signed up to offer two kits for the Family Boatbuilding portion of this huge event.

    Sailing Vallecito Lake Reservoir - Part Two
    The early mornings and late evenings barely had any breeze at all.  I really wished I had a canoe or kayak to paddle around at those times.

    Sailing Vallecito Lake Reservoir - Part One
    The same week you real sailors were out sailing the Texas 200, I towed my little puddle duck racer off to Vallecito Lake in Colorado.

    Going 3-D
    Duckworks readers are familiar with the term and I did it in five work days. Here is the whole building sequence up this point.

    Classic Ship Construction Notes - Part Six
    Now with the rigging we come to the aspect of the ship upon which modelers spend much of their time.

    Sundew Dory
    I wanted to share a dory project with Duckworks that's filled my free time over the past nine months.

    Double Bayou Cruise
    I sent the following email to my Dad telling him about our first overnight trip on Caprice to Double Bayou (about 20 miles across the bay from Kemah) this past weekend.