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by David Lucas - Bradenton, Florida - USA.

Cedar Key turned out to be great again, everyone ran their boats up on the beach so I did also, Helen Marie doesn't care about running up on shore as long as there's lots of willing hands to push her off again. Ron from the trailer sailors always has lots of good pictures, I'll send his link along as soon as he gets um up.

You're probably getting sick of Cedar Key pictures but here are a few more anyway from a little different perspective. Lenna took most of these and she does a lot better job of it than I do. She was standing on shore shooting through a long lens.


I'll comment on a few; the first is Chuck the Duck from Duckworks magazine in a fine new hat, the second is a new home built he's doing for next years meet. I've included a few more of Steve's tiny ketch rigged Wee Lassie. He's actually out in the ocean with the rest of us "big" boys in this eleven foot long, twenty pound open canoe and loves it and does just fine. My favorite may be the one of Judy's "Freedom" with it's perfect sail, Stan and Gayle in his double kayak and me and Helen in "Helen Marie"; looks like we're all out in the middle of someplace floating in the air. Notice that Jay's custom race boat is behind Steve. Pete the Plumber found the shallows in his space ship looking tri. This gathering really is as fun as I always make it sound. You just show up and do whatever you want to do. The whole dam place is only about a mile wide. Any of these hundreds of guys will drop whatever they're doing to help out or answer questions. The only organization is the great meal you can get from the Trailer Sailors on Saturday evening if you can wrestle a ticket away from Ron.

Kathie Paine caught me in an unexpected pose in the last picture.

Last set of pictures of Cedar Key. I don't think you've seen any of the dinner on the beach, the best $15 meal we've ever had. Thanks to Ron and the others from the Trailer Sailors. I should also mention that Cedar Key is pet friendly to the max. They have poles with poop bags and garbage cans about every fifty feet. The doggy you see in the first picture is from Alaska and has competed in four Iditarod races.

The shots in these links are from a different perspective and they even have captions telling us who's who. The first link is from Simon who was there with extended family and actual little girls; the second link is from Ron of the Trailer Sailors, once you get on this link you can look back at other years also. Some you've already seen and some you haven't. Don't just look at the boat in the picture, look at the background also and you'll see activity of all kind.

In the picture of me on Helen Marie I was hoping that they'd get a picture of the water blasting out the bottom of the boat but I think they were mesmerized watching it come out. You can see some draining. There are two 2 inch holes in the bottom that drain 90 gallons of water when the boat is pulled and it is quite a show, some of the spectators even had to crawl under to see where it was coming from.

The last is a spectacular picture that Lenna Andrews took with a long lens from way back on shore. I love the contrast of the bright boats and the grey water and sky.

Simon's Cedar Key

Ron's trailer sailors Cedar Key


Lucas Boatworks and Happy Hour Club

Chuck in hat.
Chuck's new weekender
Crazy steve's tiny ketch
Faraway Inn
Helen and me
Helen Marie
Helen Marie
His name tag says it all
Helen Marie with custom mast
Island place boats
Jay being outrun be a wee lassie ketch
Jay's homebuilt
Judy following me
Ladder back
Lenna's Cedar Key shot
Lug sail
Oar as a rudder
Pete at low tide
Pete's bird of prey
Phil towing Freedom
The fast crowd
Us in the penthouse


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