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by  Dave Lucas - Bradenton, Florida - USA

We had so much fun sailing at Ft DeSoto two weeks ago that we did it again and after hearing how great this place is some new boats came along. You can tell from these pictures why this area has been named one of the best beaches in the country. I'll comment on a couple of these; Franks big tri performed well but us mono guys still think it's just a skinny boat with training wheels. Michael had a new little boat he said was a skerry, I think. It was pretty but a little slow for him and it rolled him out into the water during a jibe and the big boat wakes.


There were lots of those giant three engine racing looking boats going out for a fishing tournament. I notice that none of us took a single picture of any of them. Simon was there again with his dam Pesky Goat Island Skiff (capital P). For a simple, cheap (unless you finish it like he did) boat this thing really goes. I would definitely recommend this boat for anyone who wants an easy to build performance boat. It wouldn't work for me because it doesn't have a wide deck to keep the water out when I screw up and heel way over.

Crazy Steve had his tiny ketch wound up and moving right along. He answered the question once and for all; What's the fastest sailboat in the world for going to weather with absolutely no wind and no oars? These two melonseeds are laying on their sides to get their centerboards unstuck. The beach was not sand but crushed shell that really jammed up our boards. Since they float on their sides we just pulled them over, popped the plug on top of the cap and pushed them down with the stick made for just this.

Wally's new boat did much better this time, all the new boat glitches fixed from last time. His boat is #13, look at it's name and the number on the sail. Peter had his space ship looking tri there but by the time he got it rigged and out we were coming back in and the wind had died so I can't comment on it.

By the way, a long time ago I sent some pictures of a boat that Mark was building out in California. He designed it himself using some old Herreshoff plans for inspiration. He says it sails like a dream and goes to weather like it wants to. You can see why if you look closely at the picture of it on the trailer. That long skinny board you see in front of the wheel is it's dagger board I guess, the thing must be ten feet long. It wouldn't work here in the shallow water we have but is just the thing in Southern Cal. It sure would be nice to see a picture with it's sail up Mark.

In addition, here's Paul's Backpacker Plus boat:

More pics of the above boat.

David Lucas

Lucas Boatworks and Happy Hour Club

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