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photos by Rich Green - McMinnville, Oregon - USA
captions by Andy Linn - Salem, Oregon - USA and John Kohnen - Eugene, Oregon - USA
This little tug was for sale - no idea who owned it.
John Weiss's canoe yawl Nord Vinden, based on a design by Geo. Holmes and built by William Clements.
John came to the show all the way from the Seattle area.
note the unusual tiller arrangement.
Bob Larkin's Bolger designed Birdwatcher2
More of the Bordwatcher 2.
Bob's Birdwatcher again
The Duckworks sail on Pearl, John Kohnen's Bolger Oldshoe.
Pearl was built by Dennis Lancaster of Bellingham and first launched in
Dennis Macomber's Iain Oughtred designed Swampscott dory, Carrie J.
Jim Cooper's Glen-L Eldorado runabout.

Whale watching tour RIB.

Pacific City dory. Called Grammy? The guy built it with his grandkids.
Toy boat
Dennis Banta's electric-powered stretched Candu-EZ tug, Lady-J.
Dick Mitsch's tug of his own design, Sea-Weed.
Darrell Pepper's 1954 Calkins Craft 18 cabin cruiser.
Dave Clemmer and Eric Hvalsoe built this Wm. Atkin designed Vintage, Magic Wing. Dave and his wife Marie brought the boat to the show from Bremerton.
Endeavor, one of Depoe Bay's charter fishing and whale watching boats.
Dennis Banta's Atkin designed Tiny Ripple dinghy by his tugboat.
The spill dam at the freshwater inlet for the harbor
A Lazy Weekend Canoe under construction
Andy Linn (in rear) in his Lazy Weekend Canoe. The other Dude was just a bystander he roped into taking the Aurora out for a spin.
Kid's Boatbuilding pavilion
A Purty kayak
Fish rubbings?
Jim Crow's 1920s Gray 16 hp. marine engine.
Dennis Banta built his Atkin Tiny Ripple very light, using thin plywood. Notice the Duckworks hatches.
The iconic bridge over the entrance to Depoe Bay

Here's a link to John Kohnen's photos of the show:
And Bob Larkin's shots of Rick and Andy risking their lives


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