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Some New Plans and Revised Pricing

Readers might be interested in the following:

A new design, it's a simple 12' skiff, the design is based on the subject matter of the above article. (Kastri is the name of my favourite beach).

Another new design, a 14 footer, designed with reasonable performance on low power in mind - and a little style too. (Kalostyn means 'Welcome' in Greek).

Revised Pricing
Take a look!

Best wishes


Moving on...

Hi Chuck,

i am shutting down operations given other opportunities presenting themselves for my time and efforts that appear a better option for me.

Great Falls Boat Works continues to draw interested clients in commissioning a boat, however I simply do not have the hours to devote to it.

If you know any one who might be interested in purchasing domain name....

If someone was interested in building for hire part time as a sideline, they could garner some residual interest quickly this way by buying domain and having a welcome page by me advising that I have shut down operation but recommend people to inquire at XYZ Boat building ....

Cost is cheaper than a few ads at Small Craft Advisor....

Ray Frechette
Great Falls Boat Works
Building Dreams One Boat at a Time

RE Insanity from a Crazy Inventor

From July "Letters".

Interesting idea, but it won't work. I say that simply because any anchor big enough to hold the boat in place will be too heavy to throw very far... probably not even far enough to get enough scope to even hold the boat in place.

I suppose, if you were wanting to move a large boat, one could row or paddle a small boat upstream to drop the anchor, then use the paddle wheel powered capstan to pull the large boat up.


Project needs a new home

Dear Chuck,

Back in March of 1979, I purchased plans for the wooden Dovekie from Mr. Phil Bolger and proceeded to fabricate the bulkheads, stem, transom and sides of the sailboat.  That is as far as I progressed, as more important aspects of family and profession needed time and energy.

The family has moved a few times and the boat panels came along.  We have since retired and live in Williamsburg, VA.  I am now 70 years of age and have neither the ambition or the skill set that I previously had to continue on with this unfinished project.

I do want someone to continue and complete the wooden version of Dovekie as I believe that it would be the only one built and may be of interest to those on your forum to see how it performs, even in spite of Mr. Bolger’s feeling about getting back to basics in his MAIB  chapter concerning the Birdwatcher design.

I do  have a few pictures of the assembled flat panels and a 1-1/2” = 1’ 0” scale model to show anyone of interest who visits your Classifieds.

Is it possible to put this in your Classified section? What do I need to provide so that I can put some information and the pictures on your website to advertise the plans and the components at a reasonable price?  Any feedback is greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Don Fogel

Your boat is listed in our Classified section, Don - Chuck

Gilda's Club

Chuck: I don't know if it is of any interest to your readers but I'm making a canoe for the local Gilda's Club to raffle off next year.

You can see our progress at our Facebook page.

We've had two people in the family die of cancer in the last year and my neighbor is a Gilda's Club member. So I put 2+2 together and am making them a canoe to raffle off. They paid for the kit and my Kiwanis Club will help sell tickets. Not a bad gig for a new retiree with a boat building hobby.

Richard C. Berling
Madison WI 53714

Thanks for the Forum


A sincere thanks to you and your wife Sandra for creating a forum for discussing and exchanging ideas and plans and experiences about boats. And thanks also to John Welsford and Michael Storer, two articulate and very knowledgeable boat people of great experience and patience in sharing, again and again. I don't read every comment on Duckworks, but I especially look for anything with their name on it.

I also would like to commend the many people who have contributed various kinds of article on a range of topics in Duckworks Magazine.

Kudos also, to your well designed supplies section with it great variety of good gear at good prices backed up by timely deliveries.


Jim Brousseau
Westport, Massachusetts

Greek epoxy supplier

Hi Chuck

Recently, I called in on a company close to Volos, Greece, our nearest City. The company is called Fibermax. They sell epoxy resins and all the glass cloth and stuff that
goes with it.

They are the closest supplier to me - and I'm hoping that I'll be buying from them soon!

Anyway - I'm just forwarding the link to his website. It may be of interest for orders that you get in Europe, or maybe their might be some reciprocal benefit ..... he speaks good English.

Andrew Walters

New Facebook Page

Hi Chuck,

Just finished up a new Facebook page.

Any publicity would be appreciated!

Capt'n Pauley (Paul Esterle)
Freelance Boating Writer

Row Sail to Wall Street

I am writing to update you on Joe's trip to Wall Street.

He had north winds at first, that carried him at a somewhat leisurely rate to Biddeford Pool, south of Portland, in a week. He has slept in the boat on the beach, in a tent on the shore and in a comfortable bed in a house in Boothbay Harbor. He has traded a story for a sandwich and added a few stories to his blog, where he has also posted 12 short videos ranging from 12 seconds to a little longer than a minute. My favorite was made as he hove to near a bell buoy in the fog.

Tonight, Monday, July 15, he's camped at a dock on the Cape Neddick River, with the owner's permission.

You can see Joe's reports and videos and a map that shows his progress at

I would be grateful if you would share this and any part of his blog you'd like with the boating community along the coast between New Hampshire and Manhattan.

All the best,
Shlomit Auciello

Stone Age Boats in England

Those boats may just have been sunk to keep the wood from drying out and splitting. Boats around here would be sunk over the winter. Boats wintered on land would be sunk in the spring to soak up and close the seams. If that were the case there should be some weights inside to hold them under water.

William R Watt

Letter for Max

Hello Max.

I have a AD-10 1956 Johnson 7.5 that I am going to convert. The engine is like new condition. I inherited it from a great uncle. It has been in a garage for 40+ years. It was used very little, Great find to say the least.

I just wanted to send you a thank you note for your fine article and illustrations. You are the man!

Happy motoring.

David Harris, Melbourne, Fl.

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