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by Bernd Kohler - The Netherlands

In September Splash the ORYX build (KD 860) by Pete Hill was introduced. In the meantime he has been very busy finishing/preparing the boat for his next journey. He is now almost at the Cap Verde Islands on his way to Brazil.

I have no real word from him on how the boat is sailing. A friend of his was only telling me that he is content with the boat. Pete was never a man of many words.

The book "Voyaging on a small income", about the construction and voyages with " Badger" a dory junk rig boat, was written by his first wife Annie Hill.

But I did get a lot of photos. Here's a selection to show the influence of a lifetime of experience sailing and living on boats.

Going well. The split junk rig helps to go better to windward.
Sailing the boat as Atlantic proa. Watch the upper extension on the hull. I dit the same on our PELICAN. I Calculated the Pelican cannot capsize because of the added volume at this place on the hull. In the case of ORYX the wooden floating mast so far outside would/can help also.
Saloon with stove
Kitchen looking aft. Observe wooden sink! Nice piece of workmanship
The bathroom with lot of lockers
One of the tabernacles for the masts. The masts can be set and lowered without outside help.
Cockpit. Look at the protection and big window towards the saloon.
Plexiglass dome above saloon.
Rudder and wind vane steering (wind vane not mounted). Watch the offset on the helm to get an Ackerman effect. I have more photos but these are the most interesting and informative.

Bernd Kohler


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