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Skin on Frame (SOF) Tuckahoe 10

Modified to SOF by me and designed by Thomas Firth Jones in

Low Resistance Boats or

Boats to Go

This little boat I finished a little while ago and just launched it at Christmas. This Tuckahoe 10 is a skin on frame/plywood hybrid and probably one of a kind. The bottom is plywood. The skin is epoxied over the plywood and continues up the side. I think the boat is about 40lbs. I used 8oz polyester Dacron and stainless steel staples. The frames are 12mm plywood and the stringers are Paulownia. The rig is off Queen Mab by Bolger and the Rudder is off a PDR by Michalak called Catbox. The dagger board is part plywood with about 12 pounds of steel in its lower half all below the waterline. It has rope steering and a love seat in the centre that goes all the way across (not to plan) but the boat is a one person sailboat though. It has foam wrapped in blue tarp front and back for floatation. It moves with a little puff of wind. I like this boat and recommend it.

Mike John, Australia (your faithful editor).



One photo is a temporary launch to mark the waterline and to see if he floats. Others are what they are. Things are coming along albeit slowly.


Storer Quick Canoe

Here is my 2nd attempt at a Quick Canoe, it turned out much better than the first one (so bad I wont show it). I made a few changes from the preferred method of construction. I used inside chine logs, single seat, and no keel. I used TB III exclusively throughout the entire construction and only taped the seams. Also, I decided to forgo the inwales and she seems stiff enough without them. If it is too twitchy or flexes more than I like I can always go back and install the wales and keel. So far I have only had it in the pond as winters cold temps have a firm grip on us, but as soon as it warms up I'll be heading down the river with it.

Gene Berry

CLC Annapolis Wherry Tandem

We just launched a CLC Annapolis Wherry Tandem, built for a Brisbane doctor who has been rowing competitive boats all of his long life.


Ross Lillistone, Bayside Wooden Boats, Australia.

Ross' plans are available in the Duckworks Store.


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