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For those who have not been following, Erik Andrus and the Vermont Sail Freight project just launched their boat, Ceres, a modified triloboat.

It appears they may very well finish soon enough to haul the 2013 fall harvest to NY, NY.



My Michalak Ladybug - finally! Four years in the making, due to fitting in boatwork amid job, golf and other stuff - and our short epoxy season.

A friend towed me to our community dock, a half mile from the launch site. I carried the mast in the boat. Will set up to row properly before I sail her.

Bob Gerfy

Strike 15

I have been rather quiet on the forum recently. That is because I have been busy finishing off my Strike 15 trimaran

I launched it yesterday and you can see it in action here.

Unfortunately, it won't be at the Wooden Boat festival in Port Townsend, as it's not quite finished yet. But it will be at Sail OK in 2014 and hopefully at other events as well. Of course my Skoota 28 powercat will be at the WBF.

Richard Woods of Woods Designs


During the winter I have been developing an easily and quickly built kayak.

When summer came I launched it and now I love paddling it!

More info and plans. 


Pauls Tug

Paul launched his tug for it's sea trial and it didn't sink. He still has work to do on the interior but was more than happy with the performance. Keep in mind that the tug is about four feet long.

He ran it for over an hour and says that it'll have no problem pulling him in his kayak. That's my kind of boating, just sitting there letting the tug do the work.


Chelsea, Mega 30, Tug Boat

Steve finished the rebuild work on Chelsea and she came out good as new. This boat never stops amazing us; the lawn mower engine always starts instantly and never gives any trouble. I suppose after building a billion of the things Briggs and Stratton have it pretty much figured out. This one's been sitting in or around salt water for about five years and there's no rust anywhere on it.

He said that he wasn't going to do it but he did refinish all of the mahogany bright work. This boat stays out in the sun all the time so it may all get painted with house paint next time around. That's what happens to all of the boats around here eventually. You can see Helen Marie behind the dock. Anything on the outside of her that looks like bright wood isn't. The trim started out as shiny mahogany but quickly became shiny paint. I hate sanding more than once.

Steve loves commuting to and from work with his dogs.

I suppose it's good to know that someone gets to do this. The pay here at the Boatworks really sucks but the benefits are to die for.

Dave Lucas

Lucas Boatworks and Happy Hour Club


After seeing the micro-rowboat called "Shenanigan" in "August Splash," I thought you should see the other Shenanigan, coincidentally built and named at about the same time, also in the Pacific Northwest. Dan Rogers found a 14 ft derelict fiberglass skiff hull and built a sort-of-mini-tug/gentleman's launch thing around it, mostly with stuff he scrounged or found around his shop. Dan and this Shenanigan live at Diamond Lake, Washington. (Dan, please consider adding some detail appropriate for Duckworks readers here, and perhaps a profile photo.)

Kim Apel

QT Skiff

I recently built the rowing version of the Michalak QT Skiff. The boat was easy to build and the plans very understandable. Thanks to Duckworks for the plans, oar hardware, epoxy kit, and other hardware.

There is nothing quite so satisfying as hearing water slap under the hull of the boat that you just built.

Bruce Kissinger

Kelly F D-5 Splash

I had no intention of making a little pram when I came across the plans online. Somehow I convinced myself that the pram would be a good starting point at making my own wooden boat and something to teach myself how to sail in.

Thank you again for your store, the epoxy and fiberglass tape worked perfectly.

Good lordy what a great way to spend an afternoon!

I should have done this years ago!

K Fegley

Nesting and Sailing a Six Hour Canoe

I would like to share with whoever may be interested some pics of my six hour canoe wich I made nestable and adapted to sail. She is a lot of fun to sail and gets ready in 3.5 minutes.

Sunny Portugal

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