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I just saw this and I know you all have an eye for unusual stuff.


As a public service, all law abiding people need to see this.  This could happen to us!

Paul Austin


Lots of tubes needed on boats - stanchions, spars, railings, etc.

Make magazine, Rigid tubes.

Epoxyworks, Building Composite Tubes.


A no measure way to turn a square block of wood into an octagon.


Is this clear water or what?

Steve Z

Someone on this list turned me on to Low Tech Magazine.


Woo hoo hoo! We had a GREAT weekend at the Boathouse. Really good turnout for testing the QT Skiff on Saturday and we got some great data.

Andrew Linn

What's with the scallop population in Tampa Bay. It looked like they were making a come back and then this year don't look good.

Dave Lucas

I have heard of people brainstorming things like this but I have never seen one quite like this in action.


I stumbled on a web site of a French boat designer that has an incredible
reef/reduction system on his lug sail. Wondered if you've seen, or know of
this guy.


Something for webwatch.

Noel Davis

FurledSails - Sailing Podcast

Long tail catamaran. Small motor to beat the registration requirements.


Another installment of my 2012 PT Festival pix. Friday.


Awhile In St. Giles. Paul's first book on Kindle and he says all his books have boats in the them.

Mike John

Here's one Barry sent me. He was here last week to pick up a boat hull. He had his camera running as I showed him the Helen Marie so you'll see a really candid video of me talking. If you wonder why the camera angles are off it's because he didn't tell me he was filming so he had to be sneaky. You'll notice that I didn't say a single bad word. If you enjoy this thank Barry; if you think it sucks thank Barry.


Today's Duckworks magazine article [8 Jan] brought back memories of 1989 when we also sailed in the Baltic and Finland.

To fill in the gaps of the story you might like to watch this video.

It includes quite a long section on the Gota canal, a visit to Helsinki and Mariehamn. Those of you who went to Sail OK will have already seen it

Can't wait to see what happens tomorrow...

Richard Woods of Woods Designs

If you just miss your PDRacer desk calendar, or if you like supporting a boat that brings lots of novices into boatbuilding and sailing, go to the PolySail International Product Page and scroll down to order. As always, all profits beyond expenses go to support the PDRacer web site and the host of the PDRacer Worlds.

Dave Gray

My nephews live in Texas. In 2003, they came up for a visit, I made them 
make a canoe with me (Selway-Fisher Raven) and then go on an overnight 
canoe camping trip. The results were - let's just say it's easier to look back on them from 2013 than it was in 2003.

The Building

The Boating

The Canoe Plans (that was a damn fine canoe).

Andrew Linn

Jazz, Melonseed Skiff

Rex and Kathie Payne

Babs, Melonseed Skiff

Rex and Kathie Payne

No Man's Land Boat

Rex and Kathie Payne

!6 ft Melonseed Passion

Mcgregor 13 ft 5 in sailing canoe, trimaran conversion.

Rex and Kathie Payne

Bolger Birdwatcher, Frances E.

Rex and Kathie Payne


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