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This photo is too good not to share.


I think this is doable on a PDR. Some aluminum tubing, bamboo, and a polytarp.  Oh yes, it can be done!
Home page.

John Boy


From Sailing Anarchy. Start at 10 minutes in if you don't have time for the full interview.

Richard Woods

What a lovely site for the eyes! Lovely to see.


I posted Stuart's photos of his very original cruising cat based in the Philippines. They are located in the photos section.

Dave Gray

Some years ago the folks at Good Old Boat magazine got John Guzzwell to read Trekka Round the World for an audio book. Guzzwell sat in his living room and read his book to a small audience of friends. The result is a very entertaining audio book. I highly recommend it.


William Pearlman, 77; happy wanderer known as 'Poppa Neutrino' lived for adventure.


The new issue of Classic Yacht magazine is waiting for you.


Now this is a boat!


 A one way proa.


Pretty good instructable on making rope fenders with some good, high quality pictures.


I am trying again with the websites with good lists of sailing/boating movies, dvd's, tv specials, etc.

This one and this.


Sailrocket runs 65.45 knots (75 mph) to smash World Speed Sailing Record.


I've watched this youtube video of old classic sail a dozen times.  I find it very inspirational. 


These two (Squidoo and cdjr) )have some great lists of movies and tv documentaries on sailing.  Good Christmas gift lists.
Jackie Monies

Superficially, it's about a rich guy and his toys, but, as one commentator noted, he can also be considered a "patron of the arts."


Speedboat chase is in Live and Let Die.


Interesting new anchoring system.


The PCA site is up once more.

Magazine archives here.


That Clark Fork Drifter is coming along - and it's BLUE.

Andrew Linn

I've started the Columbia 150-ish web page.


You can see it here. It is in South Fl. Wellington to be precise.


"It is impossible to die from hypothermia in cold water unless you are wearing flotation, because without flotation – you won’t live long enough to become hypothermic."

Read the full article:

The same author also wrote a great article on how to recognize drowning. It is not the violent splashing struggle as shown in the movies and on TV, but is most often a deceptively quiet event. Often in our local lake drownings, there are usually groups of people around and after a while someone is missing. How can this happen and nobody notices?

George C

Here's a guy that took the Fold-Boat idea, converted it to coroplast, and is going commercial.

Andrew Linn

I've reimagined my boat design/construction business, renewed the site today. Not selling plans or boats at the moment, more of just a sharing thing with other wooden boat lovers.


Watertribe's hypothermia article depends on only one space blanket and one candle. I carry a hypothermia kit with me when I go back country skiing and I typically have one in my boat. I have never needed it. (Knock on wood!)


From a Bare Hull: Building A Westsail 42, Hull #60.

Blog and Google Plus.

Robert Sutton

Here's an article about a man living out of a canoe in Boston Harbor. I reckon he knows what he's in for this winter, seeing as he hails from Maine.

Dave (PDR #287)

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