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The speed is especially impressive when you see them with power boats around.


John's at it again!



Looks like a recipe for having fun in as well as on the water.


Pretty impressive pictures.

Andrew Linn

This dolphin later swam over to Plymouth and tipped a boat. It was later "escorted" back to France by animal welfare.

Richard Woods

Here's a reference that might be of interest.

John Welsford

My daughter was visiting Amsterdam a while ago and I badgered her into taking pictures of boats with "wings". Here is a link to some of them. She did a pretty good job of getting some interesting shots, I think!

Bill Moffitt

This article shows a drawing of a canoe that has the same unique bow shape of a canoe in the Bullock Museum here in Austin TX. These canoes were reported to be constructed with controlled fire and scraping with shell or stone.


Over at, is the story of 3 guys in a wood dory named the Emerald mile who set the speed record for running the 277 miles of rapids in the Grand Canyon in June 1983, using the huge amount of water released upstream by the Glen Canyon dam from a massive snow melt that threatened the dam. A very interesting story!


Classic wooden boats, mast hoops and authentic nautical furnishings.

Mike C

He's gonna crash!

Or maybe not. Pretty impressive turn.


The dreaded iconic British Seagull motor. I think this article by John Vigor says it all. 


These guys seem to have a pretty good write-up on the terminology of reefing.

Andrew Linn (Adventurer)

Video slideshow of our build of the Robb White "improved" Sport Boat.

Rex and Kathie

Somebody posted this over on the Electric Boats forum.


You probably don't want to read this report about an accident that happened near my home. But then again...

Richard Woods

If you like proas then you may like this.

John Colley

Visiting dignitaries and colorful canoes - who can ask for anything more?

Andrew Linn

Lotsa interesting old ship and boating photos in the Ozzie National
Maritime Museum Flickr sets.


Amesbury whaleboat gets its 'whiskey plank'. What I wouldn't give to be one of the lucky ones to sail this to Mystic from Amesbury.


There is an explanation and
video of Gary Hoyt's patented rig here with the offset sail and tear drop mast


Don't drive to fast when towing a boat! Or this might happen.

Richard Woods

Murry paddle boats.

Iggle Strik

A seed of an idea for the keen gardeners out there.

Ian Titulaer

Neat interview with a wooden boat builder.


The whaler has been invited to mystic seaport, and I will be doing a teaching spot on modern epoxy techniques.


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