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A good read.


Shane Perrin (the dude who did the Everglades challenge on a Paddle board).



I have a slide show on youtube.  


Fishing boat story.


Well, not too artsy - but I did get the names painted on the Lazy Weekend canoes.

Andrew Linn

I have had many of these pup engines over the years and they are indestructible. This is just one story I know of and it is a good read.


This link from the SOTP site has excellent pointers on sailing for beginners. The easiest to read sailing primer I've come across. Although geared towards canoe sailing, it's relevant to all beginners.


Building boats with kids.


This video episode is the 4th webcast in a 10 webcast series entitled "Piracy Mitigation Strategies".

It's less than two months until the Rend Lake Messabout on June 7, 8 and 9th. See you there.

Paul Ellifrit

On one of the nasty bars on the west side of the South Island, NZ. Unfortunately, not everyone survived.

John Kohnen

Sorry for the fisherman who died. There are lots of videos on youtube about the greymouth riverbar.



Check out this video as my friend David Nichols outlines the new interactive online boatbuilding courses that the Small Craft Skills Academy is cooking up.


I've resumed construction of a Yost Sea Pup for my son. If anyone cares to follow progress I'll be posting to my Facebook album.


I just found this site and thought maybe others would find it useful as well; particularly the skills and how-to sections.


Here's a link to the video from our Everglades Challenge adventure this year.

Gary Blankenship

I wrote a short description of my finished build on woodeboat forum, and put in a good word for you.


When you have a few more minutes, a visit to the Shorpy Collection is in order. This site has loads of historical, mesmerizing photos. Click on an image from the search, and then click again to see the "big picture". Photos range from the US Civil War era to the early 20th century and then some. Our artist friend Bob Dance gave us the heads-up about Shorpy. You may have seen Bob's work in WoodenBoat as well as the cover art for our book Boatbuilding Down East, where you'll also find a link to his site.

Scot and Crew

This guy's boat was destroyed in a Boston police fire fight. Now the internet wants to buy him a new one.


I think we should probably avoid this.


Here are a couple of videos about a trip down the Loire in France. They will bring back some memories for the Loire 7. Videos one and two.


I took a few pictures of the Depoe Bay Sunday morning boaters, including the dazzling safety-pink canoe. These were from up high by the highway bridge, giving a different view.


The attention to detail and imagination used to create this boat is award winning. It is a Brilliant OzRacer RV derivative with clever appropriate support from a windsurfer rig. Supports it much like a person sailing a windsurfer would. Notice the rake adjustment on the cockpit floor.


Knot art - I thought this work was nice.


Cursor down to a well edited video. Not my cup of tea...or ability to perform the physical part of sailing this boat...but 50 years ago...?

Highlighting the trip around the buoy.

Andrew Linn

I've seen dolphins playing off the bow of a speedboat I was on in Florida (and off the bow of the troop ship I was on in the Pacific). I've seen porpoises in Texas and the San Juan Islands. Just a couple weeks ago, I was in the ocean in a canoe when some sea lions jumped off a buoy and I was scared they'd come over to investigate me. But Killer Whales playing in my wake?

Andrew Linn

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