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Good series of stories by a Navy/Coast Guard guy. Maybe a little hard on the maintenance and crew aspects (you do what you can and hire who you can), but knows his stuff mostly. The comments after the posts have a lot of good info, too.


Now there's a structural material for boats and RVs that will not absorb moisture-and does its no-maintenance job under cover. Great for seat backs and bottoms as well as structural supports, Endurabond has great adhesion and fastening properties and its PVC formulation will never rot or splinter.



....British boat design circa 3000 years ago....

JB Panter

This article I found about wing sails caught my eye and maybe of interest to boat experimenters. It basically describes how to make a self tending sail, forget about sheets, the sail adjusts its angle automatically.

Andrew Yen

A boat building nugget...

Bill Moffitt

An unfortunate result of my efforts was the failed new "Steampunk" rudder which is showcased in my buddy Tom's first EC13 Youtube video he posted.  It's slightly slow-mo'd due to technical problems with the GoPro card. 


I built a large "pirogue" stitch and glue. This slide show, shows its construction. It may help. I did not have any plans, BUT i did have years of canoeing experience to help with dimensions.


Cedar trees knocked down by hurricane Sandy in New Jersey are being donated to the Philadelphia Wooden Boat Factory, an educational nonprofit in Philadelphia.

John Bortner

Found the BCA Demco Facebook page with this image of the Rustica FYI.


TV Interview with Those Predicting "End of the U.S. Merchant Marine" Stirring National Debate.

Maritime TV

Someone trying to overtake your boat to windward of you will suffer an adverse change in wind direction while improving your apparent wind.


Talk about the best way ever to see Venice!

Josh Withe

25 boats from the Squadron participated in this month's Cayo Costa Cruise. Great weather Friday through Sunday!

Ron Hoddinot

Gannon and Benjamin is one of the shops building a new whale boat for Mystic Seaport as Mystic over hauls the Charles W. Morgan. I love the lines of the whaleboats, for all their size and weight. Five high school rowers were able to make them GO! when we were racing the old ones at Mystic.

Josh Withe

Crystal River Boat Builders.

Dave Lucas

Maritime TV is pleased to present another in the 60-second video series sent regularly to your inbox, Minute Of Madness.

Sarah Selz, Producer
Maritime TV

Building a Longship. And, using one (a different one).


The Toledo Community Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit, legally authorized to receive tax deductible donations. There's no reason to let that power planer take up space and collect dust. TOLEDO COMMUNITY FOUNDATION P. 0. Box 32, Toledo, OR 97391. Receipts given upon request. If you have any cash taking up space or collecting dust, we accept that, too.

Andrew Linn

Sheet scarfing - evens out the applied pressure.


Here is a link to the WaterTribe Required Equipment list (for onboard, survival once ashore, and in the water) that was referenced by Jackie Monies. It's pretty comprehensive.


Pics and commentary are up from this week's session building Lazy Weekend Canoes.

Andrew Linn

Video about man who makes ships in bottles.


This guy was profiled in today's paper.

Check out this video on YouTube:


A few weeks ago the Coots had a messabout at the Multnomah County Library in the Megalopolis (also known as "Portland"). We had some interesting old books pulled out of storage for us, including some bound volumes of Pacific Motor Boat. I may put some more articles from PMB online. Here's one to whet your interest.


My GF, Mary, saw this film at the museum in Yellowknife during her Aurora chasing trip last month:

One tough old coot! Though perhaps a little soft in the head.

John Kohnen

I thought this may be interesting to take a look at. Produced for local Comcast channels. Very non commercial presentations. 


Here is a link to the summers first paddle.


Don Marcus, President, International Organization of Masters, Mates & Pilots comments on the administration's treatment of the maritime industry in this Maritime TV video interview.

Maritime TV

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