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Clutch Pencil

Are you sick of having a blunt pencil when you need it the least. A clutch (mechanical) pencil is the way to go. It is always a nice accurate way to mark a line without the need to sharpen it. It has a fine lead which gets into hard to mark areas like under the planking of a lapstrake hull. It carries spare lead inside itself so you never need to hunt for new lead. Try it, you will be pleased. Just think, no more sharpening.

Mike John

PS: Got a problem clamping job - packing tape can be pulled very tight and makes a great clamp for hard to clamp jobs and no screw holes needed.

Making Daggerboard Trunk Wheels

Here is a great video from Warren Messer at Red Barn Boats.



Simply made DIY kayak footbraces.


Driver Bits Holder

Tired of driver bits rattling around in your drill/driver bag/box? Tired of having to dig in the bottom to find the bit you want? Have I got a deal for you! Use a 1/4 inch drill bit to drill holes in a cheap rubber bungee, cut to desired length, push bits into the holes. Also works for drill bits, just drill the hole with the bit you want to hold! The special rubber formulation we use to make the Bit Holder (TM) will stretch as you drill, ensuring a tight fit that will get a grip on even the roundest of drill bits! Yours for only $1.99 and available in a home improvement or hardware store near you!


The Emerald Mile

One of the best 'expedition' books I have read in a long time. It's up there with "Into thin air" and Fedarko might actually be an even better writer than Krakauer. While the actual run is only about 80 pages out of 360: I was never bored. Highly recommended!


Don’t Drain the Tank and Your Wallet!-

Boat and Water Equipment Fall Storage Tips 

A national survey conducted by Gold Eagle Company, found that 97 percent of consumers know that proper storage in the offseason will actually help their water equipment run at optimal performance next spring. However, nearly 75 percent of people encounter issues when taking items out of storage—which means they missed important steps when storing them in the first place. 

To help you prepare your boats, jet skis and other small engine water equipment for winter storage, STA-BIL has shared some helpful tips that will save you time and money come spring. 

1.      Clean Equipment Inside and Out – Properly clean your boat or equipment inside and out and make sure to rinse off residue that accumulated during the summer.

2.      Remove the Battery – If your machine has a removable battery, remove it and make sure it has a trickle charge.

3.      Stabilize Fuel  Fuel can deteriorate in as little as 30 days causing build-up in engines resulting in poor performance and reduced engine life. DON’T DRAIN THE TANK! Instead, fill your gas tank until it’s 95% full with fresh fuel and then add STA-BIL STORAGE Fuel Stabilizer. Add 1 ounce of STA-BIL for every 5 gallons of gas. STA-BIL cleans the carburetors and fuel injectors and helps prevent engine corrosion. Once added, run the engine for a few minutes to ensure the treated gas is dispersed.

4.      Store Items in Proper Location – Make sure to store items in a cool, dry place and cover them to help keep dust at bay. 

For more great tips or to learn more about STA-BIL Fuel Stabilizers, please visit


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