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Here is a technique I developed for gluing up birdsmouth masts. I decided to try Titebond III this time rather than epoxy and so far I am happy with how much easier it is.

What I did was set up the pieces on a rack and firmly, but not too firmly, hold them all together with rubber bands. Then I started using wedges (scavenged from when I scarfed pieces for this very project) to separate the staves at one joint.

Once I had wedges about a foot apart all the way down, I was able to easily insert glue into the opening.

Glue all in, I removed the wedges and applied more rubber bands. I was able to do two joints before letting it all dry, remembering to leave the two opposite joints open for a final installing of plugs.


Painting a Clean Line With Masking Tape

This is about your wall when painting a feature wall but it also applies to painting your water line.

Mike John

Cheap Stainless Bow Eye

A five dollar bow eye. Lowes has stainless U-bolts and I have scraps of StarBoard. Added a couple of nylon lock nuts and viola. Drilled and got a perfect fit (rare). Today I also added some cleats to the cabin bulkheads and coated the underside of the decks with a heavy coat of epoxy.


Steve Good Sand Devil Review

Steve Good reviews the Sand Devil (scroll down at bit).

Another review is in this video.

Mike John

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